WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


I bet you’re wearing crocs, too, huh? :joy:


Ouch, ouch. I give, you win… Lol… All are lookin’ fantastic Jimmie…


ILGM Super Skunk Fems update today is 12 days from flip to 12/12 week 1 of flower Skunks are fast flowering they git up and go right @OldSchoolGrower

little cleaning up down below

the new veg room / closet its 8 ft x 4 ft for clones oh looks like GG4’s are gettin tied up some :grin:


Lookin’ good Jimmie. I totally agree with you. Once the Skunks take off, they just keep going and going…


That flat canopy is beautiful


thanks Doob and OSG so far have not had to super crop any branches on the skunks but the COP in the middle has been more stretchy so a few legs got bent good i think i hit the veg cycle on par with what i wanted


Dude ya’ll picked a perfect weekend for the lake. It’s supposed to make it to 70 on Sunday. Was a great day today as well.


just got back home had timmy clean the fish lol dad had 20 in the basket all ready
he stayed to fish tail waters tomorrow morning for Striped bass


Nice! Well with the weather they should be biting.


one critical purple Auto down at 6am today here she is


@Big123 man love hangn these up to dry


Nice looking plant. Can’t wait to see how she ends up.


@DoobieNoobie clones look like they will make it hows the room going will you need or do you want any of them?


big ones short ones tall one fat ones skinny got um all you chose lol


Haha yeah I’ll take some. I’m thinking Friday be ready for them. My ro setup will be here tomorrow.


I will make a list and take pics and we can get together and see which ones you can use and go from there


Harvest congratulations, looking fabulous, well grown!


Thanks I can’t wait for outdoor I wanna see how I stack up got a big task just to stay in your area code even


Sounds like a plan


Congrats! She’s a beauty :v::green_heart:


Congratulations! She’s a beauty :wink: