WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Ahhhhh. Yea. Gotcha. Overdrying does kick ur terps in the ass. N one of ShowOffs buds never got back quite wet enough. I did put her in a bag and tie her like you buy on the street. That helpd a bit


I have humidity sensors in a few jars and I rotate them around. I’m still at 64 to 68 humidity in some. So I’m still burping the jars twice a day. So maybe I’m just being impatient.


@PurpNGold74 i took a smell today and i have ta say kerosene / terpintine/diesel just gittin sticky AF got 4/5 weeks to go


All my diesel from ShowOff got smoked before she could cure well. But Mrs D came down lastnight… theres a hint of that :fuelpump: we want… but red effing starbursts is all i smell


wow just a beauty purp nicely done big guy


Thanks. Flowerd for 10 weeks n 2 days n only 15-20% amber. But i think ill be happy. Applied some… cuts to her main stalk (with 2 biggest colas left on) n tossd her in the cold dark bathtub. Gonna get pics of them tomaro when they come off.


well lucky widow #1 has arrived she yup she is a :princess: yup she is

she is about 34 days

@DoobieNoobie @OldSchoolGrower @PurpNGold74


That is so awesome. Talk about good luck!


ya and it looks like my lucky charms second generation may be a girl too


Lol that’s good because lucky charms hasn’t been super lucky lol


I took 4 more super Skunk and critical Orange punch clones today gonna do all kinds of stuff to um got ten going to the greenhouse tomorrow just have to see how that goes

add 5 girl scout cookie extrm to the clone list and 3 more skunks and 2 more COP too.


Congrats on the chicas! Those luckys havent been the luckiest indeed


Lucky Widow #1 going to a 5 gal potof super soil

white widow seed i found in fall harvest also 5 gal pot SS

Lucky Widow

White Widow is a Auto :grinning:

update Lucky widow got topped cus i think she can handle it :sunglasses:

and holy heck some how @GreenJewels 4 sour cheez seeds fell into h2o2 last night :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

happy growin yall …jimmie


Oh those jumping beans :joy: funny how that happens. I’ll be watching your sour cheese. My current cheese auto will be my first time knowingly trying cheese. Those girls of yours are looking fine :v::green_heart:


thanks Jewels im under the gun to produce highest quality not just for me now i do have a buyer lined up for the autos that are gona be done in 2 to 4 weeks (one is slower) at 1/4 lb of each and a buyer for my Super skunks too


Ms JBerry 24 days topped last week

5x5 flowering 2 sherbert bag seed 1 unknown 1 maui wowie 1 wedding cake 1 lucky charms(the tall one) 1 ILGM blue berry? or Northern lights auto TBD.

14 auto’s 6 strains
1 Luckycharms 2nd gen 1 lucky widow 1 JBerry
6 clones 3 GG4 2 maui 1 Acapulco Gold 1 GSC extrm

4x4 flowering
4 ILGM Super Skunk fems (4 corners)

middle is a clone critical orange punch or COP as a call her

clones i mixed up dont know what they are cept one with the hygrometer is a mini red poison gona be a 2 gram nug :grin:

clones from 4x4
5 cops

more babies
left clones
2little ones ILGM NL auto’s
little biggers 1 ILGM BBA 1 Auto mazar (thanks to @DoobieNoobie)

thats all folks wait 4 sour cheez please soon to be

happy grown yall jimmie


Lol plants everywhere! :joy::rofl: and so many that I want to try!


I’m too high maybe. I just read “COP” and got panicked for just a second :joy:

Looking great! :+1:


ya i thought it was funny i had them as critical orange crush but my son corrected me now they are cop’s


Cocs and cops. This thread got NSFW quickly didnt it :joy::joy::joy: