WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon




doobie gave me the seeds and look at the fan leaf with a bud grown on it so cool this is def a picture worthy plant


@Big123 cant wait for your next outdoor grow ima hit you up on some grown outdoor advice for sure

say didnt i read you were gona grow inside some?


@Haildamaged Yes, starting some autos under a 260 Watt QB primary veg set up on February 15th or so, getting them as big as I can before having them flower outdoors. Going to start seeds in 5 gallon grow bags, may or may not repot. OG Kush auto, Northern Lights Auto, and AK-47 auto.

I will do a photoperiod grow too, will come along when autos are done.


bag seed sherbert lookin good

bag seed Unknown??? but just got a smell of her guess she is a diesel wow fire up the truck :truck::truck:

this is a Maui wowie clone just put her in flower last week

1 more sherbert bag seed


They all are looking wonderful!


Everything is lookin’ fantastic Jimmie. Right on par Brother…


Looking good buddy! I need to hurry up and get that GG4 into flower. She’s a monster. I was waiting to make sure my new seeds took off before switching incase I needed clones but she’s massive. Like 30" tall and almost as wide.


Thanks guys i just got home been a long week end here no drama just workin painted the entire inside of a rent house and then today worked the home and garden show till 6 tired so i came home and watered around 20 plants just 5 more to go in the morning cus it was lights out on them before i got to them

and @DoobieNoobie hope your doing better


we monster crops takin the gel off the orange cleaners is monster cookies blowing up that flush and shook spray is great


ILGM Super Skunk Fems 12/04/18 flipped 01/20/19

Lucky Widow #1 around 30 days i think

Lucky charms second generation about 35 days

all my Auto’s and clones and babies too

happy grow'n yall  ................................. jimmie


little skunk clones

gorilla glue auto i got a clone off of it too looks like it reveg’ed may get lucky and make a small plant get pics of it later

happy grow’n yall … jimmie


Man them clones look great.


How’s the build going for you… I was going to hit you up on a strip build for clones and babies you see that light in the pic is like 5 years old if you got time @DoobieNoobie


I took my next set today as well all purple haze

clacleaned up them hairy legs look to look how purty


Ugh slow going. I need to get the tarp I’m using up on the outside then I have panda film for the inside which should keep the temps better inside the area. But I’ve felt like crap and honestly a bit depressed which has killed my motivation. But the wife said she’d help me with it this weekend. So should be done by Sunday. Which is good cause that clone needs to go to flower asap. She’s f-ing gigantic already. I’m gonna need more light than I have for her. She’ll be a 1 pound + plant at this rate.

I’m willing to help anytime you need it on lights. I’m hoping to sell some of this last harvest to help fund some more for me. Here’s the clone


Did somebody say diesel?! :eyes::eyes:

And everything looks effing awesome Jimmie. But Doob has that GG clone kicking ass!!! Dude what are u feeding that beast


Hahah she’s on the mega crop diet. Surprisingly I’ve done very little to her. Just kept the water topped off. She’s not directly under a light so I’ve got the lights aimed her way and all the leaves are pointed towards the light. It’s pretty neat. And apparently my using a stronger acid for ph keeps it much more stable then using the GH stuff.

Oh and my red Poison smells like diesel. Well diesel and flowers. It’s a wild smell. I’ve never had weed that was so pretty or so potent smelling in my life.


You gotta nother RP? From breeder or in bagseed? I wanna jump straight to flower but gonna go for dwarf trees this round. May flip around late march early april :joy:.


No I mean the cured stuff I grew last. It’s a crazy potent smell. I was afraid of messing up the dry cure process. The skunks are slow getting their smell back. I tried to dry and slow cure them but they are faint smelling so hopefully I didn’t over do it.