WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Thanks… That was a great bud trimmer you gave Doobie. Looked at a few videos. Now I know what I’m giving to myself the end of this month for my B-day…


It takes some experimenting with to get it where you like. But you can nearly cover the grill with buds and do a bunch at once. And it’ll even do baby buds.

I hope it smokes good. The scissor hash rocked my world. I hope the CS works. I’d try it again just for the colors it has. But it’ll be down the road after I’ve ran a few different strains.


Yeah watched one video guy was turning it to slow. Then the other videos they were turning it at the right rate of speed. Is that one the 16"?


I’d have to measure but that’s close. But yeah I found that turning at a medium speed worked best. Not slow and not cranking the crap out of it.


Definitely will save my back next month.


been trimming since 10 am but my son helped now he and my grndson are finishing it for me but there was no way that trimmer would have trimmed lucky’s twisted leafy buds


Yeah it leaves a bit more leaf than I wanted but it’ll do. I may experiment with the shims under the blade on the next plant. But the round shape of these buds might have something to do with it too.


I would imagine dry it would take off more. But I guess you could always run it through briefly again once dry.


Damn Jimmie. Lots of photosynthesis going on as always over there. Cant wait to try one of those luckys one day :wink: how those RPs looking?


Sorry it was lights on give us a better one later

Lucky 2 flowering away under 16/8 no 12/12 needed

ILGM Super Skunk fems 31 days from seed

Red Poisons in the back

so my little white widow auto clone is hanging in closet after 139 days seed / 107 from clipping
genetics she knew what to do…make seeds LOL lots ans lots and lots of um


Rock on bro


Another one down. Frigging lumberjack


@Haildamaged Hey Jimmie. Look familiar?

Thanks Brother. Some LC/WW are going to go plop, plop, plop in a lil’ bit. Your’s got a head start, but I won’t be far behind. Curious as all hell about what they are going to be like. Decided that I’m going to order a couple more lights like I already have until after the clone rn. Then order my build parts. That’ll give me another 600w. 900w if I order 3 of em’. Think I only paid $129.00 a piece for the other ones. Love the nice footprint they have. Hell you seen how well the 2 of em’ covered the skunks before I threw the Mars light on em’ to. The 2 of em’ also covered my 5’x6’ scrog last run.

Once again Brother Thanks…


You got it man that’s fantastic I hope they grow for you @OldSchoolGrower


What’s your lucky widow lookin’ like. Throw up a pic.


Top is a white widow//lucky charms aka lucky widow

Bottom is a Lucky charms just topped her at 4 th. Node


Red Poison Porn


Love the colors. Pretty girl!


Looking good buddy! Probably another week or so and we’ll have to meet up to get you some of the bloody skunk to test out.


jus holla when i wont say no to that