WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Yep he’s kicking ass with them.


How long after did he start his compared to you


6 weeks or so. I can’t remember exactly.


i thunk your day 68 and i am day 42 did some work on the room made more clone/ seedling space little more storage and moved a few lights

so now im done going to my oldest sons house in s. moore for Christmas with all sons and daughters and grand kids

Merry Christmas yall


Oh ok I thought you were much farther apart… time is just flying by in some instances


Happy Belated Christmas my dude. Nice looking ladies


these are sherberts day 46 from bag seeds 11/11/18 3 females out of 3 seeds yes. transplanted to 4 gal live soil looks like they were ready . LST is all i have done no top or fem

my little super skunk perpendicular leaves i like it

and lucky clone day who knows cloned 9/??/18 standing at 4 ft 6 1/2 she is still weeks out just now showing red hairs her mom never went all red kept about 75/25 % i hope the new lucky lady will give me clones like this

new lucky lady in 5 gal live soil from seed 11/15/18 topped 1 time may top again and veg 2 or 3 weeks after

4x4 auto’s mix pack

Red poison auto’s (thanks Doobie)

and my babies to play with later

as all ways happy grow’n yall jimmie

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Nice update. Your girls look great and I like those perpendicular leaves too.


i dont know why but i thought they were cool.


Great update on everything Jimmie…


Lol bro you got plants coming out your arse. They are everywhere lol. I love it!


Great lookin garden Jimmie. Love all the variety


some up dates to my grow room

4x4 6 mix auto’s going strong

lucky clone missin her top cola

far right maui wowie clone next to her Lucky lady #2 from seed just watered droopy things
front left solo cup lucky #1 's baby ( hope it a girl) next little BBA?NLA?
next in 7 gals bag 4 Super skunk fems grow #2 topped 12/31/18
in the back row 2 Red Poison auto’s (thanks @DoobieNoobie )

happy growin yall


Looking great! How big is your tent?


One hellofa bud!


1 is 4x4 1 is 5x5 the rest is whole room of musical chairs i have autos in the 4x4 till the super skunks need it then they will come out to the main room to finish


Lol lucky even without her main is still a hell of a plant! Looking great as always.


thanks my son said thanks for the buds (RP) it has a smell for sure (BTW i got a little clone off the RP we gona CS it)


Rockin’ -N- Rollin’ Jimmie…


glad to be in the club your rockn it too btw