WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


so the Skucks were chopped this is mowhawk flat stem like a popsicle is reason for mowhawk i think

total smokable just short of 8 oz and about 50 grams of the sticky small buds and trim
smoke report is my son and daughter say !@#$%^& strong and sweet

so really this is the end of grow nope cus i got a lucky clone still going (yea)

Lucky’s clone @ 52 1/2 " 1 inch short of mom nope
here she is she decided to grow some more now 4’ 51/2"

ok here is her sister clone along with the WWA clone both gona give me seeds



so grow is still on yall

thanks happy grow’n

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Hail, that main cola is fuqn great looking!


Jimmie that’s​ surprising when I trimmed the other night a small cutting was flat and also looked liked it was 2 stems joined side by side like the old coffee straws. If the cutting was bigger I was gonna keep it. Even though it was small I should have tried to root it anyway. Nice job on everything Brother…


You’ve got a nice looking garden sir


That crazy mohawk bud still looks wild. Great haul from them.


thanks this is fun for sure


ima bring you some skunk Doobie i go to Amarillo tomorrow back tues eve, we can do meet up after tues,


I’ve got seeds coming from two different people in the lab. I’ll be splitting them with you so you can try them as well. Some will be here Monday I think and some he will be shipping out next week or so. That is unless you took both them up on the offer as well?


i dont have deals for trades been talked but i have said i will deff share the WWA/Lucky seeds no strings cus there are tons of them should know real soon if they are good ,


i think the 2 luckys i have growing are males too thats 4 in a row 1 still has not really shown sex but just hav a feeling


Boo for males. Well one is a straight giveaway of a new cross breed. The other is giving some auto fems away to others but I’m sending him my extra jamaican berry so he can breed with it. So that could result in more auto seeds in the future.


I’m just courious, are we alound to exchange emails or phone numbers on here?


Not directly no


The slow showers are usually females. Males show them :peanuts: quickly


Yup definite no no. But the lab is a different ballgame :wink:


Nope. Did you see that last pic of the red Poison. She’s still kinda scraggly looking but her tops are pretty.


“Wolf Whistles” What a sight…


my grow room update

                                      4x4  all auto's

back 2 critical purple

mid 2 ILGM Amnesia Haze

front left ILGM Northern lights… front right Gorilla glue

                ILGM Super skunk fems

       2 RED POISON AUTO's

                          lucky clone


@Haildamaged jesus is that the red poison you got from doob…


yes they are they are doing better with some light LST i think they like where they are