WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Them lucky ladies must be descendants from trees lol. Just crazy.


They are insane man. I wanna try the smoke


I got a taste of a mid-level Bud I pulled off a couple weeks ago absolutely sweet I can’t n wait for the main buds to cure out


I kept getting this scent while cleaning up some leaves on the bloody skunks. Couldn’t place what it was and it finally hit me last night. It smells like fresh ginger root.


All I can say is awesome Jimmie. Lucky Charms, they are magically delicious…



Did you see I got into the lab side only took 10 days because I sent cash


I saw! Lots of stuff over there. I’ve already learned a bunch over there.


yeah I’m going to read and like a lot of stuff for the next whole week or so before I do anything but I’m definitely got to start a new grow journal I got 10 autos that are a week is old and 5 new super skunk so might as well do something without over there


I need to get into the lab as well. Won’t be til after the holidays. Can’t let y’all have all the fun and leave me on the bench…


Yeah the ability to have messaging there helps a lot to lol.


I’m out buying supplies are running a little low on Happy frog I got to mix up 15 more bags 5 gallon bags of super soil I may do 5 7 gallon bags I have them for those skunks and put them in my five-by-five tent


Hey Jimmie, I’m gonna shoot Doob something to pass your way if that’s ok?


Absolutely man


We’re going to have to have a Okie get together here sometime soon maybe after the holidays


I’m at the home Depot in Moore right now because they have the big bags of perlite and I’ve already used up all that I had putting it in that Happy frog


Yeah, I need to re-up on soil to for those cuttings when they root.


I found a couple new grow shops in town while looking for some silica this weekend. I liked both for different reasons. But one called luckys grow shop was a nice place with a friendly owner. The other was a monster warehouse called Growgeneration that had everything you could think of. Just in case you need to look for anything you couldn’t find local.


If I had grow shops by me it would be all bad. Just like having a B.O.A.T (Break Out Another Thousand)


I got like that when I got my O’Reilly’s account I spent way more on my jet boats in my race cars than I ever thought I would


Yeah not very hard. Was always buying stuff for my boat.