WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


@DoobieNoobie my son talked to the guy opening a MMD on 119th and western he said if i get my growers
license he would by my first pound . hope to have 2500,00 soon i finish work on my sisters house soon.


That would be awesome. You could recoup your money back on the license side fairly quickly.


That’s great news. I agree with Doobie you’d have your money back.


Man, it’s 5k for a commercial grower’s license, up here.




:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: 5k… shiz


Hey @PurpNGold74 what’s the name of your journal I d like to follow along, I just figured out how to set to watching. Lol :sunglasses::v:


Wow beautiful smokin hot harvest man!
Got to get to reading your process, damn gaints.


Perfect example, old dog learning new tricks. Lol…


@Haildamaged Hey Jimmie, What percentage of stretch did you have with your Skunks?


sorry went out to get a dern christmas tree
honestly not as much as i thought may have 4 or 5 inches so 30% i didnt treat them as well as i could have tho


From everything I’ve seen on other Skunk grows, didn’t see a whole lot of stretch on them either. With the toppings I did on them weeks ago so I would have 6 nice colas on each plant after taking bottom branches for clones. I’m wondering if I should maybe veg them another week before flip?


@OldSchoolGrower how long have you vegd. so far ? i think i want 7 / 8 week s and a couple tops too

i think i really only was in veg 5 1/2 weeks didnt top just bent the hell out of them but they have 10 or more colas ea,

i dint mean to grow midgets just happend shorty is only 14 " but geeeeez they are rock soild and man the smell sweet


Those look awesome bro. I have a couple branches that I may have to super crop to keep things even. But for the most part canopy is even 11 oldest plants are 52 days from sprout. 5 more a week behind those then the last 3 little ones behind those.


What was your yield off those?


Oh that’s right I forgot you just brought them out of the greenhouse.


nice this gives me real look at time lines for theses 5 Skunks i would like about 12" under them this time i think so mabe a little higher on the lights before the switch getting some stretch pre flower. so it may be 8/9 weeks veg.


My friend!!! Awesome girl there. Yes keep doing what you are doing! Great job!!!


Lucky’s clone @ 52 1/2 " 1 inch short of mom … like 4 weeks left her main cola is going to be a bowling pin i had to stake her i am so glad i got her into a 5 gal when i saw her moms growth ,

happy grow’n yall …jimmie


Lucky’s clone @# 2 in greenhouse prego by lucky charms male


WWA clone #2 77 day from cutting

prego by lucky charms male chopped her twin on 12/3/18