WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Heck yeah brother just like I told purpngold come on over I’ll roll out the welcoming party. Lol


Making me salivate! Youve done a very good job my friend. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


this is that WWA clone day 66 i dont know what i did right ( dumb luck) i spose


may try it on a few more auto’s too

@Laurap and thanks i am having a blast getting to this is just sweet .

happy grow’n yall…jimmie p.s. i forgot to add her twin is prego with lucky charms twin too they both should make viable seeds i pulled one seed off fully formed just need a few weeks they were with a lucky charms male


Awesome crazy clone Jimmie. Proving em’ wrong about cloning autos. Lovin’ it. Great job Brother…


Hola peeps Leaving the beach today :cold_sweat: will have a update on my grow room late tonight
Have to say I missed my girls

Happy grow’n y’all ,Jimmie.

Oh ya. Lady got chopped and hung by my son hope he took pics


Have a safe trip home Jimmie…



Thanks got lots of sun and sand


I got cold rain… Lol…


Hope u enjoyd the beach day. I know i always do :sunglasses: and that Lucky still churning along eh


Hope you made it home safe. Lol now get some rest cause if you’re anything like me you’ll need a vacation from your vacation lol.


yup made it home thanks, had to work in the grow room for a few hours this morning before i could sit here and update


Lucky charms hangin… the basket is the buds trimmed out of the way to get to the main branches my sin and his buddy trimmed her nicely

here are some buds off the Super Skunks

man they smell good and are just rock solid and sticky as honey

dont have time to do much today gota a lot of work all around house tomorrow will really get good pics of all room

thanks yall happy grow’n .too jimmie


Dang that skunk looks crazy. Going to be a good one by the looks of it. Can’t wait to see how lucky ends up smoking wise. She was a beauty.


Yup the skunk looks like a beauty queen. N congrats on the Lucky chop


Lucky charms going to jar small buds tonight the rest will be in the basket for a day or 2 depends on size!
at this point 246 grams about 40 grams will be for budder .

bud porn

smoke report comming this Christmas… @DoobieNoobie i think some is goin in your stocking Doob.

WWA clone 75 days from cutting 103 days from moms b-day chopped her this morning.

WWA from ILGM seeds 09/29/18 grown in 1.5 gal pots FFOF soil/20% perlite added ph 6.5 water/cal.mag only had 6 this is #3 chopped this morning day 65,

WWA clone bud

what a nice work day first one back from beach this is way too cool.

thanks yall happy grow’n …jimmie

@Laurap i wish i hadda cloned all my WWA now lol.
@PurpNGold74 thanks tasted a week cured Lucky mid sized bud this morning !@#%^&*() cant wait for the good holy @#%^& sweet sweet sweet.
@Big123 @blackthumbbetty @OldSchoolGrower @raustin @Randy1966

dang i planted a lot in SEP lol. still got skunks and 3 WWA left to go


Thanks a gift from santa i can get behind!


Damn 246 grams on her! I knew she was leggy but man that’s awesome!


still gona lose mab 15 % and about 40 /50 grams smalls / fluff but i think 5,5 /6 zips of grade A+



That all looks awesome. Hangin’ extra stockings. CannaClaus come fill them… I’ve been good…


what a gift she was her clone may go 4 too. and seeds from the other clone please like your mom lol.