WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Is that an evaporative cooler? If so there ok but if you have heat issues it’s not gonna do much but a couple degrees drop and it’s gonna raise humidity alot


dont really have heat issues its low humidity for the next 6 months just tired of filling up smallish humidifier


there is 1200 sq ft up there and it is the driest part of the house ,


Cool right on then


Im SERIOUSLY lookin at a jump to Okla… warmest closest legal state… may wait another year see if anyone else can make the jump


come on this state needs more guys like you lmao


Lol sounds friendly enough to me! But like i said. One more year for my southern states n im pulling my retirement early :joy::joy:


Yes sir I’ll roll out the welcoming comity if you head this way. :grin: I hope you don’t have to but we’d surely welcome you if ya did.


In no way is it have too. More like need too. No cash around here. N horrible bureaucracy… plus ur commity has fresh home grown grade a reefer


did a little trimmin on last WWA from 8/22/18 84 grams rock solid buds 40 grams b grade 10 grams of trim/fluff for budder givn the 40 grams to my son for helpin

here is my newest Red Poison Auto’s (thanks ) @DoobieNoobie
the red solo’s are 2 more Lucky charms should see them tommorow or Sunday

I am going to Amarillo Tx early in the morning be back Sun eve, we will see if all survive :pray::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Thanks yall and happy grow’n too! …jimmie


Super Skunk 9/7/18 and Lucky charms 8/27/18 update

Lucky’s trichome shot


Got a couple golden goats to play with topped last week

started lst today and seen this bottom branch 2 branches out of 1 node has to be a sign bend me bend me

@DoobieNoobie @Big123 @blackthumbbetty @raustin @Laurap @PurpNGold74


I’m looking forward to that golden goat. If it turns out as pretty as it’s description it’ll be great. And the flavor description is even better. They look like their off to a great start.


Did you see my tag for you yesterday about the lab forum? It’s only $25 to join right now.


Yes I did thanks


Stocking up on the strains, eh’ Jimmie. Everything looks great Brother. That Lucky charms is wicked… I plan on obtaining different strains over the next few months. So I can run 2-3 of each in my runs. Got to have some variety…


I can say i have never had a better Thanksgiving . getting to do this is a dream for sure


this is a WWA 09/29/18 in a 1 1/2 gal pot i did 6 of them for christmas presents
i have not been working with them much and got a lookin today dern thing is gona be a hand grenade
@54 days

this is a 9 finger leaf on golden goat just got my attention its all out of order

Happy Thanksgiving yall and happy grow’n too …jimmie


Movin’ to OK so I can trade strains. Lol


Come on over


Took my basic training and ait out there at Ft Sill in the early 80’s. Then straight from there to Ft Benning for my jump training.