WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


Sweet greenhouse. Lucky charms is leggy but sexy. Stacking stacking stacking


got a couple new girls(i hope) they are golden goats born 10/22/18
and yes those are real tomatoes behind

i broke this off a WWA and felt bad didnt want it to die so i kept it now my son loves her and wants her lol she was so small she got hung today

i will update the skunks at light out later

happy Growi’n yall and a nice Sunday too ! jimmie


Watch that little branch turn out to be the best bud of the bunch lol.


Skunks day 66 in week 3 flower

and WWA clone day 54 for her chopped her mom yesterday

you can see the stems on bottom the clones came from


Still moving right along.


well # 12 WWA from aug.2018 ILGM seeds this ends the WWA part of this grow Lucky Charms is a few weeks out still and SSF are 6/7 weeks ish if they are 9/11 week flower


thanks yall and Happy grow’n too…jimmie


Beautiful colas!


Congrats on the journey so far. I know you’re a happy camper… a high happy camper :joy:


Lucky Charms update 531/2" @ day 79… day i really dont know of flower so where around 48 days from first pistils … this is a bag seed that decided she would flower @ 16/8 lights right after i went from 18/6 she is still under 16/8 so lights have never been 12/12 mabe she knew she was in a room full of auto’s


Lol what are the odds that was a auto to begin with? But hey it works!


just one thing tho i started 2 seeds and 1 is a male … so if they make seeds cus i got a clone from Lucky sitting with the male in my greenhouse will they be auto’s ??? :grinning:


That would be pretty awesome. I plan to force a branch to pollinate and get seeds from a couple of my strains.


Its not guaranteed. If you have an Auto and a Photo, the odds are something like 25% auto, 25% photo, 50% with the genes to be either but photo genes are usually more dominate.

If both autos they may have photo genes so much more likely to get an auto like that.

As with both photos… both may have recessive auto genes (from a breeder trying to breed for shorter seasons) and a seed or two may spit an auto pheno.

Genetics are weird as heck. Look up the pungent square and itll give u a general idea


Lol that’s my kind of answer. And makes sense.


just picked this up on the E

now my room will be 50% hum and 72 deg if i want ,


What did that set you back? That’s pretty nice looking.


new they 400$ this is a open box so i got it for 66 shipping of 100 so under half price is cool to me it should work good you can even hook a water hose to it and run 24/7 next summer i see it paying off big,


Heck yeah! Great deal. I keep an eye on a place that’s on shields and 240 called uncle ernie’s it’s a open box place. They had some deals on window ac units a while back. I’m hoping they get more before summer.


i have separate heat and air for up stairs but it is still hard to regulate this should help a lot


its crazy i have two 250 amp services into my house didn’t have natural gas till 2016 when I started my pool that was first thing ,4k to get N G line but it goes to my pool heater to my outdoor kitchen and to my pool bath house
i built out of solid concrete put a tankless hot water heater in and a fn giant copper tub 7ft lol
built a concrete sitting ledge for shower the room connects to master bed and goes out back too damn i have done a lot here in ten years i guess i do get to pat my back and drink coffe w/ budder for it now :coffee: