WWA finishing thoughts requested

Basement mix [coco] soil
seed sprouted on 4/09 - so week 11 of grow.
Feed every 2-3 days
AN Nutes grow\flower, lil molasses last week
cistern well water
HLG 260XL led 18in distance
82F /50 RH

will add some pics to show better - my goal is to MAX resin b4 the chop.

what finishing advice do you have; split stem, ice bath - 2-3 days darkness ?


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this plant had 3 main buds - kinda like a hydra.
the side branches add up to about 24 limbs.

thanks in advance for any advice,

You still have a couple or three weeks to go.

I run straight R/O for the last couple of weeks and monitor runoff to meet a target TDS before harvest. In soil that’s under 200 ppm, in media, under 100 ppm. I also do 36 hours of darkness and perform a bud wash with peroxide to remove environmental crap built up on the plant. Even if you’re indoors if you don’t wash plants you’ll be smoking human skin cells and hair, along with whatever other crap lands on it.

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did my first flush for the grow this am; will use well water to finish.

peroxide is standing by - saw the YT video guy showing how to do the wash…

TY so much !!!

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Anticipation is killing me… had to put a girdle on my lady - lower limbs were dragging down and close to snapping…
will check my trics next weekend for progress on beung cloudy…

just H2O till finishing then plan to ice her for two days and then 2 days in a dark room

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Day 5 of only H2O - girl is starting to consume some sugar leaves for nutes [top down view]…

Day six of no nutes - no H2O going forward - considering to split the stem - any advice or suggestions ???

this is a side bud picture - she looks partly cloudy, only 1-2 amber spots

Day 8 no H2O - latest Trics pics - what do you think guys - lights out soon ??? @dbrn32 @ca8181 @MrPeat


I can’t see trich condition, but still looks like half your pistils are white.

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Neither can I…:pensive:

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my bad. - shouldn;t take my Meds before i take photos - getting a better camera soon.
On Saturday, I lost my dehumidifier and my RH went thru the roof. - I moved my girl to darkness to push her across the finish line.

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