Wwa & cbd-First week! Progress pics 😍

This is my first grow, I just wanted to share! :heart_eyes: the wwa look like weird, majestic flying spiders to me​:rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @TEGRITY @fano_man

Wwa #1 (day 6)

Wwa #2 (day 6)

Random cbd (day 8)


Did you steal my plant? I’m jk they look perfectly normal

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What kind do you have there @fano_man ?

That is 3 bears Og x double grape

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Right on! Looks about the same age as mine?

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Aaahhh, nothing like a new baby!

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Mines about 10 days give or take from time of dropping in water to that picture… you can do everything …I mean everything right at this stage and some just take a lil longer then others by no fault of yours… once they get 3 point leaves is when you can start effecting growth rates …in my book st least… before the 3 leaves pop out there situating there roots and all…they dont seem to do anything for a few days but its alot of action under the soil and then they BOOM start hauling @$$ if you give optimal conditions… hell…they’ll haul but as long as you dont over water for the most part… hard to slow them down …plants worst enemy is the grower… you know like duh duuh which way dit hee goo George…which way ditygo… …and he hugs the lil mouse so hard he squishes the life outta his lil buddy…totally accident but it’s that easy to slow …or KILL for that matter… less waternis more at this stage always remember that… the worst thing you can do at this stage is over water …you can always add more…its next to impossible to remove excess moisture without gadgets gizmos heat light airflow… not worth the mistake


Went back and looked … dropped the 3 bog in water 12 days ago… not bad

The wwa went into water 9 days ago and the cbd went into water 12 days ago. I have to admit… I’m scared of them getting bigger lol I’m not sure I have the nutrients or the right soil to make it to the finish line :grimacing: I’m very anxious :rofl::rofl: and at the same time I want to pop a couple more in a glass of water and get them started :weary::woman_facepalming::rofl:

If your iffy about dirt change it asap …or put new seeds in bee dirt next to it… dirt is very important if your ph is not right at dirt lvl your scarred

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What is bee dirt? I wish I would have ordered a dirt ph tester. Maybe next week. I wish they would put the ph on the bag lol I’ve been everywhere around here looking for dirt though and they only have time released! I bought the miracle grow “organic” that only releases 3 months. It was the best I could find without ordering. Maybe one day I’ll start some compost. But that’s a whole other monster to tackle.

This first grow I’m just learning and I hope, in the end, and after a thousand inquiring posts and feedback from you guys :sweat_smile:, I will be sitting on the couch writing a thank you post, with a picture of my more experienced ass burning a delicious blunt, sharing the news that the soil was just fine, that I got at least a few oz, the taste is :fire:, and thanking the people that helped me so much. One can dream right? :rofl::rofl:

Dirt ph tested other then powdered reagent are way to expensive to justify the need for it in cansbis… once you ph is good like from a good premade soil canabis specific you have no need to check soil ph… u can check run off …and soil ph with powdered reagent and liquid with liquid reagent

free samples st hydro store by me I dont use digitals anymore just drops they dont need calibration


Hydro store? We don’t have one of those :weary: my babies are starting to turn light green in the center of the top of them. They’re not as big as some pictures I’ve been seeing. Idk what I’m doing wrong :woman_facepalming:

You can get real easy on amazon or anything online what ever you prefer


Those are key numbers to help you find your problem

I have a ph tester for water. It’s digital but I don’t trust it lol

I wouldn’t trust it… what brand is it… and without calibration solution it’s iffy to use

Idk I ordered it off amazon, it came with the powders to calibrate it but it never settles on a number. It just floats back and forth

If the solution is powder I’d be worried about the whole package right there

Maybe I should send it back :woman_facepalming: Here’s what the plants look like today…