WWA 4 girls space issue?

Hi everyone. Just a question regarding space and light. I have 4 plants in a 3 x 3 space. I have couple of LED lights running now. A 600 w philzon and 1000w generic ( it was my first purchased). From what i read in the forums im sure its not enough light but i just cant spring for better lighting right now. 3 of the girls are doing good in 3 1/2g plastic pots. Number 4 is in a 5 g pot and was an experiment in transplanting.i think it stunted. Everyone wants more yeild right? But would i be better off taking it down to just 3 big girls to utilize available light better to the 3 remaining plants. Would that translate to better yeild on them? I have the option to open up the space to a 4 x 4 but then i dont think the lights i have would be enough for that.

Any thoughts would be welcomed. These are ILGM WWA at about 5 weeks. The runt is at 4 weeks. I have them on a 18 and 6 light sched. I want to take them to a 12 and 12 thoughts?

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Your plants are looking good.

If you have to option to make the tent a 4x4 I’d do that to give the plants a little more room to spread out.

As for the runt. If you have the space, let her grow. Probably won’t produce much but will give a little.

I think your light will get you there but an investment for better one in the future is a good plan of action.

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A bigger pot takes a bit longer for the roots to fill the space. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant…you have a nice setup and beautiful plants :slight_smile:

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Set the runt on a stool to make it even canopy with your other three. I would take care of her.it will kick in and take off. Plants look good.


I will do that thanks for the info.


Looks like you’d have about a full canopy, that’s what you should be looking for. I think you’ll get a little stretch on transition and be in good shape. Taking a plant out would be heading in opposite direction as far as I see. If the runt doesn’t make canopy level then do just like kellydans said and put something underneath her.

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Thanks for the advice @dbrn32 i did raise the runt up on top of a bench so it could soak up some rays. I LST her and seems to have made a difference. She is perking up.

Todays pic.Want to give credit to @kellydans thats who gave me the bench idea. I had been running 18 and 6 but they are at 6 and 5 weeks since sprouting turned over to 12 and 12 today. I know theyre autos just hopin they get some growin in the dark.


Your Autos will do great under 12/12 light schedule. Good luck

Im sure hopin so…thanks .