WWA 12 Weeks New Growth

Here are my White Widow Autoflower at 12 weeks. I am waiting on a jewels lope so I cant magnify that deep. Using a magnifying glass the trichomes they mostly look milky with some clear from what I can see. Plant one has" newer growth" at the bottom that I think could take two weeks but besides that I was thinking of harvesting the rest in a week?
Plant One

Plant Two


Nice looking buds…nice and chunky…im still learning this stuff myself but I had to compliment you on the buds…

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suggest you consider flushing for harvest. lack of leaves, dead and dying leaves…looks like they have gone about as far as possible.
dry them properly and you will have some nice smoke.

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Aha yesterday I pulled off the dried and dying leaves and yup I have been flushing for a three weeks now

no food for 3 weeks…yeah that would explain the dried n yellow leaves.
Harvest…it’s not gonna get any better.

Good Luck

Thanks… Similar to what I was thinking ideally I would have flushed for shorter but there was new growth