WW Trichomes / New Loupe

Hi @Coen3440, @PP3121, @MidwestGuy, @Bubblehead, @Jake3 and all others.

Really appreciated the help you served me before, it made me and the plants happy.

Bought a new loupe that’s digital, thinking it would be easier to determine when to start flushing/harvesting.
It only made things worse compared to using the old one, but that could just be a felling.

I would really appreciate you guys opinion on how far this plant has grown.

It’s a RQS White Widow set in soil that’s been a side project for a long time (don’t know how long).

If you have a look at these pictures, what would be your recommendation in regards of when to start flushing?


In the blue

Plain view

Best regards


All youre tricombs are still prety clear i don’t see any cloudy or amber what so ever if I had to guess you are in between weeks 4 and 5 of flower and have atleast another 3 to 4 to go possibly can you post pic of the whole plant and you did you say you don’t know how long its been in flower also is this a photo or auto plant?

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I agree with The1stTimer. I see a lot of clear trichome heads. A full plant picture would really help us out. Also knowing if it’s a photo or autoflower.