Ww soil ph and sexing

Hello all, I am new to growing cannabis and currently have two white widow auto’s 1 1/2 weeks into preflower. I am using Fox farm OF soil, 5gallon fabric pots, watering with distilled water but ph-ed to 6.7. My runnoff from soil is coming in at a ph of 5.6. Light schedule is constant 18/6 haven’t added any nutes to them and they were planted on September 10th. They are being closet grown in a 2x2.5x6 gorilla tent under a 600 wat viparspectra light. Day temps fall around 85 and night is always around 74f. I am running a 4” carbon filter with vivohome duct fan. Humidity is always around 50-55rh. I run a humidifier outside the tent with and intake bringing cool air in as well as humidity. I am also using a CO2 bag. Okay now that’s out of the way I have noticed that I believe one has gone hermaphrodite on me. I am low stress training both plants. I wanted a second opinion on it before getting rid of it (or other options for it?). I have also amended epsoma garden lime to try bring soil ph up. Will be using Gaia green amendments. So I guess I want to know first if my plant is a hermaphrodite and what my options are if it is. And how can I bring my ph of the soil to a better ph of 6.2-6.5 for better nutrient uptake. Thanks for all your help!

Welcome to the forum! Many solid growers will help you here!

In the 1st pic it seems to be a pollen sac but wait for another input. Is there some white pistils on it? Can you get a closer pic from another view?

To raise the PH, you should top dress with Dolomite lime. Expert growers will give you the right dose.

Looks to be female to me. I’ll let a soil grower answer your pH question though.

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Here is another pic of what I believe to be a pollen sack no hairs coming out of it either.

Hard to tell in the pic… Does it look striped sort of?

I’ll try to get a better picture when I’m back at home. It does kinda stick out away from the main branch. I also top dressed with 3 tbs of dolomite lime to correct the soil ph.

Here is another picture of what I think is pollen sacks on an female auto.

That’s a sac…

Can I pull these off to avoid pollination or should I just get rid of it?

Yeah, that one’s definitely a sack. Pull off all of them you can find and keep a close eye on it. You may get more.