WW seeds wont grow tail...also dont sprout when planted

I have a question about my WW seeds

I got the beginners pack and started 2 seeds each in water to have a tail sprout all but the ww sprouted nicely and are meanwhile in bigger pots and 4 inch tall and looking good under a few light.

Except the ww’s

One didnt sprout and the other did get a tiny 0.1mm tail. I planted the tiny sprout after 4 days and the no tail after5 days but nothing happened (it’s now at day12)

I read up and saw that some people soak them in the dark and tried that with 2 more seeds but it’s now almost 72 hours and nothing is happening. They both floating without signs of anything.

What can I do?

Please help, I did look at the forum but couldn’t find a error in my method. In my house where they are its 77 degree at all times, my little plants are on a warmer patio.

Please let me know what to do, I have one ww need left

I do 24 hours in water, then straight to soil, 1/2 inch down , then lightly cover with soil, give a little bit of water. Should not have to water again for week, justs spritz leafs twice daily keep your humidity high also. And dont touch the seeds with bare hands

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@tinman nice costume I’m in same boat :rowing_man:‍♂ you have auto or photo

Where are your pictures man I can’t see nothing & do you put hydrogen peroxide in your water they that helps soften the shell a little bit l? I’m new to bud

Should I add anything to the water?
Should I file my lone last seed a little?

If your seeds not germination, do this method… Take saucer, get 2 sheets of 1 ply toilet paper, put no germed seeds on sheet on saucer, cover seeds with other sheet toilet paper, having both sheets not hanging over sides of saucer. Water to cover entire seeds…Put saucer in cool completely dark enclosure. Wait 24 hrs. Check seeds for Germination/Sprouted, if germ tail is as long as index finger nail - only to tip of finger, long finger nails don’t count. - now poke hole in soil with index finger, finger nail deep…take seed in-between thumb and index finger, carefully not touching tail, but angle tail downward, gently place in hole in soil. Lightly cover hole in, burying everything but the seed. Leave the seed slightly exposed, so the lady don’t have to work to hard to get out of the dirt. Hmmm trust me, she will bury her root. Next step, give 2 squirts from a squirt water bottle on top of the newly planted lady… She will love you forever. I give my girls
2 - 3 water bottle Full squirts 2 times a day. Reason for this is because I have not transplanted yet. Patch still in 3 inch high trays. Not gonna drown them b4 they even get started. Not my first grow, but first grow in like 26 years. For me, I wait till they get 5 to 6 inches tall then transplant, preferably into their final perm pot. I try to water clod them to their final home. Saturate area around plant with water or nutes<liquid base] so the soil becomes not loose… So plant soil holds together during transport. Do this just enough so it doesn’t fall apart and leave you holding the roots… Holding the roots of your lady’s makes them scream in distress, and will have large chance at stunting their growth. But be careful not to make mud, because your ladies still need to breath.


Auto so far, next set will be photos

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I don’t add anything, some add hydrogen peroxide, I have sprouts in 3 days, only 2 seeds out of 21 have not sprouted

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Thank you, I’ll do that

Thank you so much for your advice. I hope it works. My bubble gum and ak47 are growing fine, it’s just the WW…

Yeah none of my ww seeds sprouted in soak had to soak then paper towel method for 48 hours.i never drop in soil until I have 1/4 to 1/2 inch tails. @Tinman I’m running autos too so far but about to run my first photos.

I’ve always found the paper towel or toilet paper method to be the best for germinating seeds. Because it always works. And that’s the method I will always use, nothing else.


I still soak in water and peroxide to moisten the shell and let the peroxide take care of any contaminates on the seed. but yeah paper towels get it finished. @beardless advised me on germination never failed yet… Knock on wood

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I put the current not cracked ones in soil and will do the water peroxide and then paper towel one with my last WW.
Do I keep the towel wet or just moist?

What temps are you keeping your soaking seeds at? I put a shot glass of distilled water in an 80* dark cabinet for a day before dropping the seed. Then add a capful of peroxide and drop the seed. Nearly every seed I’ve dropped has sprouted a tail within 24hrs (Some have even completely jumped out of the seed husk). A couple blueberry autos took close to 36hrs.

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That’s a good tip, thanks.