WW marijuana seems to be running a bit long, advice?

A question from a fellow grower:

Just finishing my first grow of w.w. My first grow. On week 10 flowering
and 75% cloudy and 25% clear. Seems it’s running a bit long. Big buds
but still no amber. How long should I keep on feeding? Will I see amber
at all?

It sounds like it is ready to come down. 10 weeks?

Have all the pistil “hairs” turned orange-ish or brownish? If all the hairs have turned brown, you should have noticed not any new hairs really showing up, or the bud “swelling” and filling in has pretty much come to a stop. If all these other things have also pretty much happened, it sounds like the plant is pretty much done and you can cut her down. You might not get much dark amber in white widow.

I might add; When judging by the color of the pistls, you would also not want to see any new pistils forming.

Are new pistils still forming? If not the plant is finishing. :slight_smile: