WW indoor grow beginner

**Hi I’m growing WW beans and its day 7 and 3 plants are doing this what does that mean is it because I’m putting them out in the sun? Should I be putting them in the sun if I’m going to be using a grow light? What am I doing wrong? If anyone can assist it will be greatly appreciated

My first inclination would be that are not getting enough light and have stretched, but you say they are in sunlight. I personally would get them some support till they can be transplanted deeper into the soil. Just a small stake to hold them up. The rest of the gang here can give you better technical answers.

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Personally I would just keep them under the same light there going to be growing under

Be careful not to over water ?
-best wishes

They’re just stretching for light, it happens with most seedlings I’ve seen. Like @stomper said, just add a skewer or something for extra support, you don’t want them to topple over! The fact that they’re growing outside right now but plan on going indoors for the rest of their grow, MIGHT put them under some stress when they make the change from all that nice bright sunlight to a bright grow light. No light can replicate the sun exactly, so of course it will have to transition from sunlight to grow light, but in my opinion I don’t think this should be a huge problem. Maybe @paranorman has some experience? Has anyone else started outdoors and then finished indoors?

Thank you guys so much I will keep updates so you can let me kno if I’m going the right way

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Hi stomper , if I were you I would get them inside and but them under the lights. Don’t go to strong at first.You can keep the cfl’s close to the top of the plant . About an inch, they don’t get real hot. A couple of 5000k CFL would be fine for now. Also when you transplant them into bigger pots you can plant some of that long stem into the soil . Cannabis will grow roots from them stem, like a tomato plant. So just bury half of that long stem. Don’t pack the soil around the stem ,very litely .

Oops that was ment for Mr stoner

Hey question guys do you think since I’m growing them on my screened in porch instead of doing lights I can just grow outside? Where I live is very warm like 80 to 90 so my question is since I started in sun should I continue and will I get good yield by doing this I’m growing like 10 plants and my goal is to try and get a pound each plant so what is the best method I can do to achieve that I also bought the fertilizer they sell on the site so I will be using that

A pound per plant? That’s a goal for most growers here.
Are you a first timer?

Ok lol maybe not a whole pound but close at least a half do u think that’s obtainable and yes I’m a beginner lol

That might be wishful thinking,a least that’s been my experience as a newbi.Hope that does happen for you.Be sure not to over water or get carried away thinking you need more nuts.The soil you purched probably has enough to last for about 30 days depending on the brand.Go back and read the Grow bible and read the sprout and seedling portion several times to make sure your flowing Roberts advise.
Good Luck

Hi @MrsStoner

I’m guessing, but they look like they might be reaching for the light. Even so, the stems don’t look that bad. Often when new plants aren’t getting enough light their stems get very stringy. The stems in your pictures look manageable. Use a bamboo skewer and gently stake them, and in a few weeks they should be right as rain :slight_smile:.

Also, as a fellow new grower (working on my second grow), my best advice would be to focus primarily on the process and not give too much thought to the end yield. When you complete your first grow you will have something that you can be proud of, and I can pretty much guarantee that it will be the best smoke you’ve ever had because you produced it ;-)!

Good job so far. Please keep us posted on your progress!

PS. I was noticing that your soil looked sort of chunky. What are you using?

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Thanks so much I’m using happy frog they guy at the hydro store told me that was the best I’m going to take a pic now and show u they are only on day 8 in spook I started on Monday after germination 2 day in water

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I didn’t receive the grow bible even though I purchased everything from Robert so in figuring I must have deleted it or something

That may be the case ,check you Trash and Spam folder.If not email Claire at ILGM and she will take care of you.They are very good in there customer service department.And good luck

If you’re really looking for a pound per plant, I’d recommend hydroponics.
Growth is faster and better yield in my opinion.

Ok so now my plants are bugging out what’s wrong with them? Did I over water??


I gave it a little nutrient and I think it was to early I think my husband over watered it! He left water at the bottom when I realized I quickly dumped it

This is what I used just a cap full

Still a beginner myself but I’m pretty sure it’s way too early for nutrients.