WW Grow Journal #2

So got my 10 ladies planted yesterday. Now the waiting game.

I have also upgraded my grow tent to a grow room so I may have more space to work with.

Will be adding a second light to the grow at some point also.

Running 10 smartpots(fabric pots) with a 1inch drainage risers.
Doing something different with my soil also.
2x 50cubic feet bags of Canna Coco
1x 50cubic feet of Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Mix ratio is just 1 bag of coco to half a bag of Fox Farm.

Filled ten 5 gallon pots quite well.

Also using a tiny bit of Great White in the seed holes about to your first knuckle on your finger for the hole size.
Planted then covered with dirt.
Lightly watered about 1 liter each.
Clear Solo Cups topped on each one to increase humidity to about 80-90% for germination.

Update again on monday and see how many pop open and sprout


Sounds like a jungle of a plan… I’ll get my supplies 🧋:chocolate_bar::popcorn: and I’m set to watch

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Nothing would warm my heart more than a tropical forest of cannabis in my house lol


I’m in for the ride. Good luck, and Happy Growing!

Good luck with the grow! I will follow along if that’s okay?
I’ll be dropping a WW and others this weekend

This is my wwUploading: IMG_20211012_131135.jpg…

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Today’s 16 Update From Sprout.
They all had a 3 - 4 day germ time.
100% success on soil germination.
All 10 looking healthy but looks like I only got 6 pure autos in the bunch and 4 photo periods.
All seeds from ILGM.

Being feed some kelp once a week.
And running sensi grow a-b ph perfect solution twice per week
Recharge every two weeks
PH 6.5 water between all feedings