WW fem in 24x48x60 tent - how many?

I just got a 2x4 grow tent, 60" high, with a Sonofarm 2000 LED light that I already had.

I have some WW feminized seeds left from early summer that I want to use after my current (spindly) WW that’s in the tent now being rehabilitated is finished, and I was wondering with that small a tent footprint, how many plants should I attempt, using soil and grow bags or maybe just plastic pots?

I have read that seeds are less predictable height-wise than clones, so if I tried a SoG I might not have a uniform canopy, is that right?

If I just did one plant and used a ScroG method, would that fill the space do you think?

I can save the seeds for outdoors next spring and try a different feminized variety if there would be a better option for my situation.

Thanks in advance,


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2-3 plants would be good
I would go with 3

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Or you could do just one!


Depends on pot size and veg time, and how much time you want to invest in it.

2 plants:

3 plants just starting


I was gonna say what everyone already said :disappointed_relieved: so I’ll just say hi n bye :wave: :laughing::rofl: have fun and good luck :+1:


Yeah I love that one. Looks like a modified scrog, would you say that’s correct? You started off doing some topping, then bending, then thinning out the understory? Then twine to keep the colas from falling over?

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I flower only 2 mature plants in my 2x4 simply because I want more room for them to spread out and not touch, allows light and air to move around freely. Also makes it easier for me to move them around if needed.

The twine also gave a gave placed yo hold the yoyo’s, only topped once but spread her out as much as I could. Ended up with 12 ozs of dried flower.