WW fem in 24x48x60 tent - how many?

I just got a 2x4 grow tent, 60" high, with a Sonofarm 2000 LED light that I already had.

I have some WW feminized seeds left from early summer that I want to use after my current (spindly) WW that’s in the tent now being rehabilitated is finished, and I was wondering with that small a tent footprint, how many plants should I attempt, using soil and grow bags or maybe just plastic pots?

I have read that seeds are less predictable height-wise than clones, so if I tried a SoG I might not have a uniform canopy, is that right?

If I just did one plant and used a ScroG method, would that fill the space do you think?

I can save the seeds for outdoors next spring and try a different feminized variety if there would be a better option for my situation.

Thanks in advance,


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2-3 plants would be good
I would go with 3

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Or you could do just one!


Depends on pot size and veg time, and how much time you want to invest in it.

2 plants:

3 plants just starting


I was gonna say what everyone already said :disappointed_relieved: so I’ll just say hi n bye :wave: :laughing::rofl: have fun and good luck :+1: