WW & BD outdoor health questions

Soil is dirt from my compost pile which mostly came from a flower garden that was around a huge tree that broke off in a storm. The stump was covered with all the limbs and allowed to rot for a little over a year. After another storm more limbs were put on the pile and allowed to dry out for six months or so. Then the whole pile was burned, dug partially with a backhoe and the remainder burned. All the rich black soil went into my compost pile where we put all our table scraps, chicken coop bedding and anything else that makes good soil. I have grown tremendous veggies with this soil including tomatoes that one slice covers the bread for a sandwich.

All the seeds came from ILGM, this year.
Plants were started indoors then moved to the greenhouse when temps allowed.
Then transplanted to the big containers when temps and plant size required.
I use 5 gallon buckets with a screen over the top to keep out pest and let them sit for four days or more before watering.
They are getting 8.5 to 9 hours of full sun a day.
Average temps are upper 70’s low 80’s mid to upper 50’s at night.

One of four WW is different than the other three. It has leaf curl / canoeing and browning. In the same container, same soil other three look good.

One container is WW four plants and the other is BD four plants.

Here is a few pics of the one that concerns me. Notice the bud on the top has no hairs, but other buds on the same plant have them.

I have concern about the BD as well. One has a few white spots and all the BD buds are loose and sparse.

I have two to four weeks before harvest, is there anything I need to do to help my girls.

Pruning, nutes… etc.

One more thing, the BD has almost no smell. The WW smells fantastic!

I’m not doing autos anymore because of the uncertainty element. Sure it’s nice not to worry about a light schedule, but I have yet to get a large auto. Your plants are looking good. I had a Jack Herer auto that curled like that. If every thing is equal than I’d chalk it up to genetics. I also had a JH that didn’t shoot out a single pistil until just before harvest.

Despite the irregularities, your grow looks as if it is progressing satisfactorily and I wouldn’t presume to advise. Do what you’re doing and good growing.