WW autos in hydro need diagnostic on leaf issue

this is my second grow of white widow auto and about 30 days into grow. this leaf issue has been constant since the beginning and I’ve snipped some of the worst leaves. I’d assume nute burn but I’m already only using about a 50% dose. ph has been generally between 6-6.5.

my last grow I had three plants but I was not holding back on nutes, and saw nothing like this. if I keep dropping the dosage, is there a point at which I wont see growth? maybe there is something else I’m overlooking. any help would be great. thanks

If you’re doing hydro, your pH is too high. You need it at 5.8.

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Probably nutes locked out because ph is too high. Good call @Grandaddy013

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ok I’ll start to drop it slowly over the next couple days. i know from my aquarium that my city water is high ph, hard to keep down. I’ll update in a week.

If you are using city water, you’ll want to let it set out for 24hrs to let the chlorine evaporate

buy a PH n PPM meter set $20

Your plants have major PH and nutes issues.

I have a digital meter on the way and I’ll grab some extra buckets for water. hoping for a positive update shortly. thanks

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4 day later update, think I’m back on track. last spring I constantly pruned fan leaves once it began to flower. I think that took a lot of growth away from budding. will try tucking and limit clipping this time around