WW Autoflower, Mother Earth Coco Tips For Beginner

About to start germinating some of my White Widow seeds. How many would you recommend to put into a 5x5? And what size pots? I have 3 and 5 gallon smart pots, plan on using Mother Earth coco and I also bought some extra perlite to mix it with. What brands of nutes are good with coco? Definitely leaning towards dry nutes this time like you advised @Nicky. You’re advice so far has been downright freaking amazing

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4x4 is 4 plants maybe 5…
Never grown in a 5x5 and don’t know off hand @Myfriendis410 might.
Dried nutrients for sure, Jack’s is cheapest and most available I like chemgro 4-20-39 as well.
If your not using autopots or hydro you could use mega crop it’s well recommended on other forums.
I prefer 5 gallons