WW Auto will not stop growing

Here we are working on the first grow ever. Did some minimal LST but hesitant being my first grow and reading that some suggest letting auto’s have at it. Sitting at 31" tall from pot soil and approximately 54 days in. Watering every other day, not sure about ph since my cheap purchase is exactly that. Maybe next grow. No nutes the last couple of watering. Prior I was using Bergmans’s Growtime. Looks like it’s just starting to flower. From day one the lights have been 24/0. The light is a 600W LED. Both Grow and Veg spectrums currently on.
I thought the growth had stopped but looks like it grew about an 1" after watering yesterday.
Perhaps there is more that one thing to try but was thinking to move to 20/4 or 18/6.

White Widow Auto
Fox Farms Ocean Forest
3 gal
Temp: 70
Humidity: most of the grow was ±55% but now it’s dropped to around 35%


Normal operation at the time of inspection. WW autos can grow big. My last on was over 4’ tall from the soil and just as wide. Enjoy the monstrous yields


I am certain I can’t handle another foot of growth unless I raise the entire tent around the plant. I guess there are worse things in life.


If she’s gonna hit the lights you should watch some YouTube on ‘supercropping’. Kyle Kushman or Bill Ward are excellent.

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I had to give supercropping a go with this current grow. I used LST clips to bend the top colas 90 degrees. 2 colas snapped but they recovered just fine.