WW Auto week 8 no sign of flowering

Hello friends! I’m on my first grow, day 42 from beginning seed germination. Growing one ww auto in 5 gallon fabric pot with foxfire soil and 6.5 (approximately) soil in 3x3 tent, rh now around 50. My little gal is about 14 inches and bushy. Problem which proplexes me- she seems still in veg stage. It said on site this is an 8 week flower, which I assume from sprout to harvest. Why is she not in flower stage? How do I know if I must give up on her? She has had 18/6 light cycle the first 5 weeks than 20/4 now. ?


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She should be seeing preflower if not flolwers by now. It’s likely you have a photo ww instead of auto. I bet if you switch the light schedule to 12 12 you’ll see the plant stretch and then start to flower.

Second thing. How’s you ph? Looks like you have some deficiencies showing.

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The 8 weeks is time from start of flower but at 8 weeks she should at least have started flower. Looks like a magnesium and potassium deficiency may be holding her back

My ph is around 6.5. I check it every time. Nutrients… i have played around a bit with. I was told the foxfarm soil is very rich and around week 4&5 I gave cal mag as well as General Hydroponics Bloom, Grow and Micro combo, at a slightly less potency, result was some yellowing on leaves so I have held back since, wondering if there were still pleanty of nutrients in soil. I got my seeds here. They are meant to be auto.

Ty. Please read below… i mention what I had fed her. I haven’t fed anything the last 2 watering due to the yellowing.

Do you know what the ppms of your runoff are? Too much salt build up will tank your soils ph and create a nutrient lockout. When you say ph is 6.5 is that what you’re pouring in or is that what’s coming out?

Welcome to the community. Looks like some nutrient burn going on. :+1:

I check the ph of the water. I don’t understand the ppms of runoff. Is that when you flush the plant continuously until the runoff comes clear and than you measure that runoff water? If so, i thought one does this around 2 weeks before harvesting?

This is helpful, thank you!

The Ppms (parts per million) tell you what your nutrient level is at. It’s read with a basic tds meter

This is why most feed charts come with a Ppm/EC level like below

EC is just another way of reading ppm. Kinda like Fahrenheit and Celsius is to temp.

This is a basic ppm level for plant stage:

  • Seedlings: 100-250 (nutrients aren’t needed here, hence there’s not a lot of particles needed)

  • First Half of Vegging Cycle: 300-400 (this is usually after you transplant, which still doesn’t require many nutrients)

  • Second Half of Vegging: 450-700 (you’ll start giving your plants more nutrients at this stage)

  • First Half of Flowering: 750-950 (your plants will be eating more as they grow, so they’ll be taking in more nutrients)

  • Second Half of Flowering: 1000-1600 (this is when your plant’s eating the most, especially if you give it additives)

  • End of Flower, Entering Harvest: As close to 0 as possible (this is when you’ll be flushing your plants, so you don’t want there to be a lot of particles leftover)

Runoff is where you water enough to get drainage from the bottom of the pot.( If your not in super soil or going organic, this should be done every watering) Water until you get 10-20% of what you put in to run out of the bottom. Then you test that. That will give you an average ph of your soil and with give you the nutrient level in your soil via ppm.

Thank you. That is the clearest explanation of this I have read. I watered today. Is it best to wait until the next time I need to water? I will order this.

Yeah, wait until she dries out again. Test your runoff for ph and ppm, this will give you the best clue of what’s going on.

How close is the light? What kind of light is it? And is it dimmable?

My light… is a 18 inches above top of plant, the ligh HLG 100 4000K, 99 WATTS from horticulture lighting. It is presently 18 inches from top of plant. Not dimmable.

I recommend raising the light, it’s getting light burn.

Bobbydigital, once my ww is dry I will use a clearing solution and test the runoff. When , at which point will I add nutrients again? Would it be once the runoff testing watering goes dry and plant needs new watering? Here is a pic of the solution

Also I ordered the ppm and ph testers.

The last gallon you run through the pot will be a feed gallon. So, once you get down to the ppm you’re looking for add a gallon of nutrient solution.

After a flush, it can take a week to dry out again. You won’t want to go that long with no nutrients in your soil unless it’s a final flush before harvest.

Ok, I’m doing my flush. My ww is in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I have run 7 gallons thus far with the kleen product. Ph around 6-6.5. Measured runoff and it was just over 1,100ppm . Isn’t that still way to high? Do I just keep flushing? Am I aiming for around 100ppm? My plant will be so drenched. Am I than meant to make up a very light nutrient solution? Wont that just run through?

  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF- ORGANIC SOIL, FOXFARM
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths- 5 GALLON FABRIC POT
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)- 6- 6.5 WATER AND RUNOFF
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable- AFTER 8 GALLON FLUSH PPM WAS 1800PPM AND 6.5PH OF RUN OFF
  • Indoor or Outdoor- INDOOR, 3X3X6 TENT
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night- DAY AROUND 74- 76 F, NIGHT ?
  • Humidity; Day, Night- DAY BETWEEN 50- 56
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size - YES
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, ALL
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I’ve been measuring ph with a liquid and color chart, however today should arrive a digital ph reader. That will be much more accurate.