Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


These babies are spending first night outside tonight covered in the DE food grade. Hope all goes well


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Nice unless the temps get over 90f or below 50 I wouldnt be too worried about them at such a young age


Nice they should do well drdankthumb420 is right, if it hits 90 outside move them to the shade and my pleasure sorry man rebuilding an engine


Yeah they do @SourD they will be ok
Did you do it buy had or with a duster
Pick up a duster it’s easier to get the underside of leaves as well and like I said I also dust surrounding area as well Just what I do ?


First night outside and it rained :angry:
Not a hard rain more like a drizzle sprinkle, I could hear the light tap of rain drops at like 4 am
I hope they can withstand the elements


The light rain seems to have washed most of the DE off the soil but not the plants. Do I just leave it alone?
Also these tiny little yellow flowers from a nearby tree are starting to build up in my pots, do I need to worry or do anything about this?

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I the rain most likely washed it into soil not away you can give a second light dusting if you feel the need but I would personally give a few days a see if you still have bugs hanging around ?


Thanks what do you think about those little yellow flowers blowing building up in the pots?


Pick the yellow flowers out, and @Countryboyjvd1971 has the right idea give them a slight dusting


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker thank you


Not a problem my pleasure buddy


Mine as well bro


Getting big after 1 week ( ww auto)

Are these yellow little flowers building up on the top soil from neighboring tree gonna be a problem? You can see the daily build up

Do I just keep scooping /picking them out?
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They shouldnt be a problem, to make your job easier you could lay a screen over the top of the soil so it catches the yellow flowers and lets water pass through


Thanks boss man


My pleasure @SourD


So these ww auto should be done around how many days from sprout? I get confused with days of flowering and days from sprout.
Thank you all
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My first set of seedlings from the bag seed are getting big, older than 1st thought I found a picture from April 8th when they first sprouted. That puts them at about 2 months old. At what age do you think they will show the sex (male/female)?


If they. Are photos theyvwill show you signs when they start to switch to flower which willl happen when the days start to get shorter :+1: