Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


@Majiktoker I’m still spraying these seedlings 5 and 6 days old with spray bottle. If I powder the soil with the DE, do I continue spraying the top soil with water? I don’t want to damage my ww auto babies


Yes just water the soil only… DE will get clumpy but no worries, just break it up by hand and water thru soil @SourD


@Zombo beat me to it my phone glitched


If it clumps up on leaves, that may be problem so only water soil!


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So keep spraying soil with the spray bottle or start watering now? Thanks my peoples :sunglasses:


You could water now but still being seedling no more than 8 Fl oz


That’s what I’m talking bout


Getting that :sunny: now :sunglasses:


They are going to get big brother lol




Do flies eat my plants? This same fly keep going from seedling to seedling rubbing his little legs together. I guess it’s time to spray my ww auto babies with the DE right?

There only a week old so I didn’t want to hit them with the powder yet. Thoughts?
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Yes hes doing damage and possibly laying leaf miners which get in through the skin of leaf and u have to take the affected leaves off they leave a slime like trail on leafs


That little mutha bleep, I’m on it.


So this is cool? I hope these babies can still get :sunny:

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@SourD, I think your ok, the only issue is wetting the leaves down and having the DE clump up and cause the plants problem, they need to transpire theough the leaves… Just keep watering the soil only and don’t wet the leaves at all… See what the other more experienced folks say too


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Thoughts please, I don’t want to blow it after all the hard work


Did I over do it with the DE?


No I doubt it buddy they’ll be fine


@Countryboyjvd1971 do yours look like this when you first dust them? See above please


Thank you.