Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


@Nug-bug most of the seedlings are still alive. 7 out of 10 ww auto are still breathing and 4 out of 5 bag seed have sprouted, 3 forbidden fruit and 1 blubbery og


I’ve got my outdoor set-up pretty much ready. got a lemon tree and a mandarin orange tree to work as a little bit of camouflage plus the bamboo reed fence. I’ve got my two clones 7 White Widow Auto and I don’t know how many out of the nine seedlings will be female I’m hoping half. Gonna have about 12 or 15 Christmas trees going


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I like your setup. Good and stealthy! @SourD


Very nice spot @SourD can’t ya just imagine the harvest? :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::v::sunglasses:


I just received my food grade de earth from Amazon just in time as you can see something is eating these leaves on my 5 week old seedlings

Can I also use the de earth on my four or five day old seedlings that just sprouted?
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I would to prevent infestation,but what do I know maybe wait on majiktoker or one of the other guys to confirm


Did I over do it with the DE? And when I water them do I wash the leaves too?

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Hey @SourD Looks like you did a fine job. And no you don’t got to apply water to leaves they are fine with the DE on them.


Where do you get this de stuff


I got mine at amazon. Make sure you get the food grade DE. Got a 5 lb. bag for about $15. Should last forever…:sunglasses:


Yes you can use the DE on the young ones. When using DE try to get some on the underside of leafs where the bugs hide and a light layer on the tops of leafs and soil and maybe a light sprinkle in the surrounding area by your plants around the pots and anywhere where bugs might be hanging around.
Use as preventive or to maintain.


Don’t forget to get the bottom of the leaves. That’s where the bugs live.


Any stores that sell it?


The garden safe brand at lowes is ok to use as long as it says food grade or garden safe then its ok to use.
It’s less then 10$ I think


Sorry I’m showing up late to the party bud love the set up
I dust my plast with de as soon as I put them out and I dust the area around them as well ?
I’ll be following along thanks for the tag @SourD


@SourD they make a “puffer” not sure of the real name but it makes it easier to apply to the underside of the leaves.

Any hydro store and larger hardware stores should have the de


I ordered a 10 lbs bag from Amazon that can with the duster can’t remember the name brand but I’ll post a picture later when o get home if you’d like but yeah @bob31 is right they work great the one I got you could buy for less then $8 on Amazon just look up DE dusters


Bulb or ball duster, I believe it’s bulb duster