Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag



Sounds like a plan :wink:
We all dealing with heat , here up in the mountains we had 95 today, tomorrow 100’s, luckily most of my girls are in the woods, getting shade around 2 pm…
Good luck


Jezzzz that’s some heat you guys are dealing with
Looking good @SourD


But it’s a dry heat lol hahaha I hate when people say that



Hey, you know what I mean Hahaha it gets so bad around here it just feels disgusting sometimes. Not to mention what it does to my beard :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahha yeah what a bunch of :poop: that is @bob31 it’s still 110 degrees lol


Hot is hot :fire: no matter where you at. And it’s roasting over here in northern Cali. A few plants top leaves are fried :cold_sweat::evergreen_tree::fire: but that’s ok. I think they will stay in shade until the triple digits calm down by Friday. They are way happier in the shade

bag seed
those are 3 clones and 7 ww autos. Autos are 26 to 24 days from sprout and getting chunky
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Looks good man and lucky we aren’t leaving triple digits for while after 121 have a couple days that are supposed to be 119 and a few consecutive days at 117 then a few more days at 113…the roasting feeling is mutual @SourD


I don’t know how you do it​:sunglasses::herb: that’s vegas summer hot.


Me neither let alone work outside in it every day and today is my last day off lol but I manage it lol just gotta drink lots of water, and Gatorade here and there…im 3 hours away from vegas


Hats off my man. Like I said Vegas hot


Lol extremely hot only been there once


Looking good dispute the heat issues
They sell sun screen of various levels of shade maybe having something like that would help you I pick up a roll not long a go for 40 $ but I got a 100 foot roll just a thought


Ok gurus help me out please. Because of the heat wave I’m keeping babies in shade from about 1pm until it gets dark around 8-9pm then moving back to garden to get that morning :sun_with_face:. I’ve noticed a bunch of pistol looking growth and here are some pictures of bag seed

Are these showing there sex?
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Thank you to all


Girls girls girl


Its a girl :wink::wink::wink::wink:


@SourD… How old are they Sour? I’m curious cause I have some
Mystery plants going as well


Beginning of April for those 5. I’m thinking this big one is a boy

it compares to this picture I found on here
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Here are more close ups of that big boy. I’m thinking it’s a boy but would like some feed back please.

Those are all from different parts of the stem
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And all other experts​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


That first picture looks like it. Their is a little cluster forming in between the mainstem and the fan leaf connecting to it. Give them a few more days to be sure. You’ll be able to see clusters forming in the tops and between the nodes