Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


Well at least it’s dry heat then? New England it’s 85 tomorrow 90% humidity


Eh not really we are in monsoon season otherwise yes dry heat usually and eh thats bad lol sticky air is terrible

And logos do represent our company any one with and ilgm logo or “moderator tag” below our name we work for the company


OK, good to know.

Hopefully the mold protector works good with New England weather.


It should work fine


9pm @ 90 degrees back out of the shade. Getting ready for the morning :sun_with_face: then back to the shade by1pm. I left my7 ww autos out in the sun the whole day because they looked so healthy. One of them got crispy on top and had some holes. Idiot!!! Tomorrow they will all be in the shade until heat wave passess

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107 for me same time


You growing outside?


You growing outside in that heat?


I was but it’s too hot. I will be growing some autos through winter since it wont be so cold during the day


Yessir I should try a later auto harvest as well


Yes I am @SourD my last 2 that were outside got stole, and i put another one out and shes in direct sunlight 9 out of 13 hours shockingly hanging in there but easily drinking 2 gallons a day


And 9:18 here still 106


@Majiktoker Still got your booby trap rigged up


Of course buddy not going out unprepared again lol. They are gunna have to work for it this time


I figured so but I had to ask I still can’t believe that


I can typical Arizona, lazy people cant do their own stuff but what I didnt expect is the gap to be so close, on the other hand same here let alone one of my good plants I was excited to do outdoor


They’re a lot of fun they get big


I know lol wasnt my first time growing outdoors, I actually started outdoors Ive seen plants a few feet taller than me haha


Tallest one I ever had was about 7 1/2 foot tall I have a picture on here somewhere with my old man standing behind it and he 6’5" after the hailstorm happened I figured screw it I threw a gorilla glue in the garden see what she does besides my seasons in door now I lost a total of eight plants outdoors and I have a 60 x 80 space but I’m only using 12 x 12 so I got plenty room in eight or nine going on in the way now


Gorilla glue plants get pretty huge lol tallest one Ive seen and helped grow was at my buddies house it was 8 1/2 to 9’ tall thing was huge lol it was about 5-6’ wide