Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


It is going to be high 90’s this weekend through Monday. Should I just stay on same water schedule or will they all be extra thirsty

ww autos are really starting to fatten up
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I would say just keep doing what you’re doing


Been like that around here also. The top will always look dry. When in doubt go knuckle deep and see how moist it feels :slight_smile: could always go one day and let them drink up the next.


Yea id keep doing what your doing if they dry up through the first inch before the day is over give them half a liter more @SourD


Thanks everybody @Majiktoker @bruinsfan33 @Hogmaster


My pleasure as always


Make sure you water along the enges of the pots, I see you grow in smart pots, I already found out they drying fast right along the endge.
You want the roots to spread out…
Other than that, you looking golden…


Going knuckle deep?:wink:


It is a mad heat advisory warning all week. It’s supposed to be 103 tomorrow and 108!!! Thursday. My plants are doomed right? What can I do to battle this heat wave. More water? Misty showers? Move to the shade? Or just let it be?
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And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads


Move to the shade and thanks @SourD


Shade and give them lemonade. Everyone likes lemonade on hot days (:


They do grow out the wild at that temperatures I agree with @Majiktoker and get them in the shade


It’s hot as :fire: right now. 100 degrees at 6pm. Should I just leave them in the shade all week as it’s supposed to hit triple digits through thurs? @Majiktoker @Hogmaster @bruinsfan33 @Dr.DankThumb420 @Countryboyjvd1971


They like the morning sun. But I bet you like your back muscles in good shape lol is there an area that gets sun from the east then shades as it goes down to your left.


Morning sun and afternoon shade sounds about right. Thanks @bruinsfan33


Yup agreed and thats not to bad Tuesday its supposed to be 121 degrees where im at


Darn that’s awful. Europe?


Way off im in the us.



OK lol new to this forum. Figured all the ILGM logos were close to the main company.


Nope we are scattered all around @bruinsfan33