Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


Tie it to one of the branches, or just stick it to just a lil part of the bigger fan leafs should hold together.


Lol I definitely wouldn’t advise sticking to the leaves because of the chemicals in the fly traps maybe the stocks would be fine but certainly wouldn’t do it to the leaves


Looking great @SourD


Looks great @SourD I would say fly sticky trap absolutely!!!


Looking good, go with the other guys suggestions…


I’ve herd and seen old timers hang a zip lock bag of water up at door ways to keep Flys out of the house,they swear by it?


I bought the sticky ones too. They work great! Highly recommend them! @SourD


Lol I agree with that with the regular fly traps. But i ment to say if using the seabright labs sticky yellow ones for aphids or whiteflies they are non poisonous and reusable. I got one stuck to a leaf and it didnt do no harm just made it sticky


I am hitting up ace is the place hardware store tomorrow see what goodies i can find


It is supposed to get mid 90’s tomorrow around here. Will that be a problem for ww autos? Or any of my plants for that matter?
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It may induce a little heat stress if they aren’t used to that kinda heat make sure they get some shade


What the heck going on here? Some drooping leaves! Too much water maybe?


Thats my guess


All others seem to be going strong

These are the ww auto
I hope some of these bag seed are females
This is the one with drooping leaves that was a clone. The rest of the plant is not drooping just one branch at the bottom one branch is drooping


They should be fine, maybe an extra sip of water tomorrow

I was responding to the comment about high temps tomorrow and I didn’t see that you over-watered @SourD Some extra shade tomorrow would be ok!


Id let them dry up some if they worsen with less water get them more ASAP


Ok thanks I’ve been still taking your advice with the ww autos and watering them 1 liter a day

They are growing at like3 times the pace of the forbidden fruit bag seed just look
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Magic beans for real. When should I up the water on the ww autos and how much? It’s gonna be 90’ s all week. It’s gonna be a hot summer so they will either make it or they won’t.


How much are they getting now, and they look great buddy great job


One liter a day @Majiktoker


Maybe next week they can be slightly increased again