Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


The big ones, We are just talking about ww auto right? @Majiktoker


Yea just the white widow auto sorry man was just waking up I can remove that reply if youd like


Thank you brother majik @Majiktoker




These flies are relentless. Hopefully they’re gonna die eating on that DE powdered leaf
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Thanks @SourD!


@SourD, hello SourD… I’m just thinking out loud here and you most def need to run this by more experienced growers like you have been but would Neem Oil sprayed on to the plants help at this stage or are they too young… That may help but need more info… Since your outside… Just wondering


@SourD… I’ve been dealing with fargin gnats… I have my sticky yellow pads up… Try look like they have a 5 o’clock shadow… Watered my plants today… Then dusted DE on them… Also took the remainder of my bag of ff and added DE to it and mixed it up in 5 gal buckets… But so far that’s the only issue I’ve been dealing with


Sound like white flies


http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/marijuana-pests-whiteflies/ @SourD


No white flies here just some big ol fruit fly looking dudes that are staring at me like what! It is a windy day today so I’m tying up posts to stabilize these branches.


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Good morning or afternoon wherever you are.
Are these pistols growing out of my plants? These are from the bag seed that sprouted early April and I don’t know what the heck I’m looking at since they are still slightly colored with DE powder. Is it too soon( 60 + days) to tell the male female difference?

Thank you all for your help
I don’t know if those are just new leaves or if they are revealing their sex.
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It won’t be long till they show you ,your looking in the right place just give it a few more days. Aren’t showing either way yet
If it shoots out Lil hairs from the growth in question then it’s a girl,if ball develop off with his head


7 ww autos growing strong. Well one is like a third the size of the other

The one in the middle you can see is like still a baby. They are about 21 days from sprout
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Looking good


Looking great, they are coming along well @SourD


They are coming along well thank you. Knock on wood. The only thing is these dang flies. It’s like they are immune to the DE. Maybe they eat it and die later or it seems I need to DE dust them every other day?

Suggestions @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @Dr.DankThumb420 @Hogmaster @Ragnar


Get fly traps or some type of sticky card and put one around your plants it will attract them and they die once they get caught on sticky part. Maybe put a few around your plants and hang one up so you can get them all they will go away once they realize the sticky traps


Agreed try to hang fly traps around them some how


On it fly paper