Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


If the are hardened off from being outside them they will be fine. If not bring them in
Don’t stress over it brother, lol. Have some medicine and Everything is gonna be fine!


What do you mean hardened off? I just brought them in. Its supposed to rain at6 am then9 to 11 am then again from 5to7 pm


Once they’ve been outside for 3-5 days the stems thicken up a bit and they get used to being outside. @SourD


Well in the first pics sweet Lil Rambo got them demon eyes though :astonished:


Well it’s raining and I’ve got them all in the garage. Will they be okay for a day inside with no sunshine?

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It’s not like I can leave the garage door open for the neighborhood to see


Should be fine. Few days of rain here non stop. Had the solo cups on a windowsill.


Weather forecast was bs only rained briefly this morning. I don’t think they liked being inside last night or today.


Hardly a rain as the forecast said so I said the hell with it and moved them all back out. Well my son did not me.

The ww auto have grown like aliens in12 days.
Also the 2 clones I had transferred to bigger pots 12 days ago have also took off. The little clone in the small pot was bigger than the other 2 when I got them. I thought it was dying but now seems to be green again.
And the rest here is the bag seed of unknown strains and the forbidden fruit in the tiny black pots. The one in the tiny white pot was bag seed called blueberry og
I decided to also say eff it and move everything to the new stealth garden away from the other side of the house away from neighbors and busier street, people walking dogs, etc. Only problem is these dang little flowers that blow over from huge tree. Oh well
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Looking good man


They’re happier outside! @SourD


Wow ya girls looking great,keep it up.
Hopefully it’s not a problem for you,I was just imagining the awesome smell that will be wafting from your yard in a few!:sunglasses:


Still looking great keep it up


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Dang bugs are back and took some nibbles out of my ww auto. How often should I be blasting with the food grade de?


Looks like grasshoppers you could probably redust them once a week


Something i noticed that may or may not help, but when i use food grade DE, i spread some around the outside of base and underneath the containers (covering the perimeter of your grow). I observed a significant decrease in the amount of bugs on the plants when doing this but equally important was less bugs around me when i water.


@Majiktoker @DoomSack thanks


Had to secure the perimeter before the big game tonight. I had to step up my DE game as well

I hope those grasshoppers take a bite of this
@DoomSack @Majiktoker


Looking good. I move and rotate my cloth pots every day, usually a quarter turn and a few feet any preferred direction. This way i can whats living underneath the pot. and know which plants to watch for bugs more often. The leaves condition will tell you if you have a problem. There are exceptions. Sometimes twice a day for pots I’ve seen termites and ants under. Also if i observe lots of chew marks or anything that looks like a bug has been dining on the leaves, i use a Neem oil/ water mix.


I like the “Defensive Perimeter”!!! @SourD


The ww auto are now about 18 days from sprout. At what point do I stop giving them8 oz of water a day and when do I water until runoff out the bottom?
Thanks @Majiktoker @Dr.DankThumb420