Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


Looking good brother :+1:


@Majiktoker it is supposed to rain tomorrow will they be ok?

@bruinsfan33 @Hogmaster @Nug-bug @Dr.DankThumb420 @bob31 @ktreez420 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Zombo @Rugar89
My bag seed are turning into monsters👹

Culprits of a few dead seedlings


They look great @SourD at least no one is gonna come in your yard and mess around!


Looking @SourD
And bob looks oks like you’d have to be a little nuts to enter the yard with out permission lol
I thought my boxers where a good choice lol
But three shepherds look out
My wife had a shepherd when I met her the things back was about 4 feet ifff the ground scary as hell but he was a bud teddy bear if you knew him


What do you think about the rain tomorrow expected? No big deal or get them shelter?


Depends lol I don’t mind a little rain or mist. But a downpour, wouldn’t want them filling up


@SourD… Nice dogs!


Are we talking load the ark rain? I’m in MA and it has been raining for four days…Just stopped. @SourD


Id pull them in we are supposed to get a good low pressure storm with hard rains @SourD


yep, for sure. You’ll risk them getting damaged if they aren’t covered somehow.


Thank you all. I will keep posted on the weather by the hour tomorrow. Supposed to be raining but still in70’s in nor cal west coast usa


Yes finally the sun is out and it’s above 50℉ we’ve got a heat wave in New England.


I’d say being on the West Coast like they said if you don’t have a turd floater they should be fine


Turd floater?


Flood @SourD. Lmao


Its just supposed to rain off and on for one day then go back to sunny all week :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Love my dogs


Yes sorry about that


I guess I’m tripping or over thinking things here this being my first grow and all. Being in northern California I suppose there are all kinds of outdoor crops that get rained on. I mean there are fields and fields of this stuff growing up north in Humboldt and Sonoma and Mendocino counties so what’s one day of rain. I’m still gonna bring them in tho follow @Majiktoker and @bob31 advice​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

that is my dog Rambo


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GRRRRRRRRRRRRR :heart::heart: