Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag


You will get the magic beans :melon::melon::melon::melon:


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My unknown bag seed sprouted April8th. Here they are 5 out of 6 that sprouted

this last one seems to have two tops?
Here is the bag seed of 3 forbidden fruit and 1 blueberry og
Now off to the new garden with my7 ww auto and2 clones

These ww auto all sprouted within a day or two of forbidden fruit/blueberry of and you can see they’ve practically tripled in size. These last two clones have really grown in the last week or two since put in the bigger pots.
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@Majiktoker 8 ounces of water a day still a good amount for the ww auto babies?


Yes if they are still babies


Thanks they are big babies​:mask::herb::herb::herb:

This one is facing completely sideways, is it ok or anything I can do?


Rotate the pots to keep them growing towards the light the will bend back the other direction


So make it lean back totowards the sun? It should be facing opposite?


You can add a little stake and tie her up if you wanted to!



Even though she’s less than2 weeks? 12 days


Yea, some people add a stick and tie them up when the plants are just little sprouts! It can be done whenever!



Thanks bruda


Make sure it faces the oppisit way of the bend even if its bending away from the sun that’s fine she will go back the other way towards the sun or add a little stick and tie her to it


Haha with the first pics it looks like they were in front of a firing squad,with de bullets
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@Majiktoker already straightened out looking to the :sun_with_face::moyai:


They were too hit em up with the food grade de last night. :snowflake: in June @Nug-bug



Mind if :pig2:tag along :wink:


Of course @Hogmaster


Looking good buddy