Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag

Man that’s :fire:. Where you located? @Rugar89 southwest?

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So Calif @SourD

Nice I’m a nor cal myself. 90 degrees at 9 at night right now. Growing that sticky


5days straight of mid 90s with heat index of 105. Here in the sunshine state. My girl is drinking a gallon every other day.


My blueberry autos are so far out in the woods off the beaten trail it’s hard for me to find time to go water them. Luckily after a week of sunny no rain weather it rained all day yesterday and is supposed to rain more today. Tmrw is my day off so I’m going to make a trip out to them n hope all is well :x fingers crossed.


@SourD seen this journal with a home made bug concoction First ever grow Grizzly purp and gooberry outdoors - #8 by HighDesertFarmer

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They look great, happy times ahead…:wink::wink::wink:

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Gave em that ilgm bug blaster last night. Blasted they butts! That stuff is potent. I’m gonna call it the hot sauce. And most important the plants seem to be ok with it too

@Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @Ragnar @Hogmaster @bruinsfan33 @Big123 @Nug-bug
White Widow autos at 7 weeks


Great job buddy

One of my ww autos has this on about 5 leaves.


Nice job @SourD

If its 5 leaves of the whole plant I wouldn’t worry to much

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Yes :+1: thank you

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At what point do the ww autos stop growing in height? It seems as though my plants have stopped growing up and now are growing thicker or bushy.

@Majiktoker @Ragnar @bruinsfan33 @ktreez420 @Hogmaster these ww autos are little monsters. 7 out of 10 sprouted 50 days ago or so. 6 here, one is a runt about a foot tall that also stopped growing but I haven’t given up on her.
And here are the 4 bag seed and 3 clones that have been going since early April. Bananas


Couldn’t tell ya lol have some WWA’s that started showing after a month. Autos are always a surprise. Looking good though


I’ve never grown them brother so I can’t say lol
Looking great :+1: brother

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I found a green caterpillar worm looking thing making a cocoon under one of the leaves. The bug blaster says hit the plants every 5 days. Today would be day 4 but I have the urge to hit em up with the bug blaster tonight a day early.

What you think @Majiktoker

Man!!! I just found another one in this leaf. The leaf is bent downward and underneath

Is the little green worm making a cocoon
It is the 2nd one I’ve found today! I’m sure there are more. What should I do? More DE? I’m going to spray again with the ilgm bug blaster and lay down more DE
These babies are looking so good that I don’t want these guys
To ruin it for me. I call on the wise ones for help and everyone else who might add insight thank you
@Majiktoker @Hogmaster @ktreez420 @bob31 @bruinsfan33 @garrigan62 @Big123 @Nug-bug]


Looking awesome, happy times ahead :wink::wink::wink::wink:

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I have no clue dude, I would hit them with more DE and see what the big dogs have to say, I’m a newbie to outdoors lol!


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