WW auto popped up with 3 leave's is it alright?

WW auto has 3 leaves…is it some kind of mutant and is it alright to keep growing …like it wont hermi. on me will it

@Hellraiser had one of these at the very beginning of his journal. Check it out Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff I think he called it a trifoliate. He said it would grow, just much slower.

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Yeah they never seem to keep up with the regular plants and always make a low side in my canopy but they can still grow fine bud.


ya …i checked out your picks of the 3 leaf GG…so its just going to be like a slow grower that’s it…it wont heri on me will it …i don’t mind the small yield part just want to make sure …this is all new to me. I just started growing.

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give me a min. to load up a pic.

Nah, no more chance of hermi than any other plant.

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this is my first crop ever…i cant wait to get the WW to bud…the big one i dont kinow the strain but found the seed in a nug of some really good bud shes like 35 days old…ohhhh those are catnip in the plastic clay looking pots…grow my meds and the cats…lol

l made a compost tea 2 days ago and still have like 3gl’s left …its been areating this whole time .I gave all the plants like a liter of tea …it’s time to water them again…can i use the tea again or should i use water? what should i do with the rest of the tea …i cant put it in gallon jugs can i cause its microbial matter ???i don’t know and was wondering if you know

You can use it, just check ph and adjust as needed as ph may drift from sitting there a while.


thanks …just wanted to make sure

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