WW auto male/female?

Are all WW autos female from ILGM/

All auto seeds you buy are female.

I have three just starting vegetation stage. Each one looks different. Two are taller and one is shorter. All three are full and healthy looking. My tent is small 28 X 28, I am going to keep just one. Any advise on picking one?

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Oh boy, that’s hard. Right off the bat you want to pick the biggest, most healthy looking plant but sometimes the runts are the ones that produce the best. I would give them time and when you start running out of room, choose then.

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Dont worry , all i grow is auto flowers , i have grown up to 14 strains and even when i do multiple of the same strain they are never the same sometimes could be a 4oz different per plant lol i actually made a thread about autoflowers being inconsistent with the phenos…good luck

Just pick the one that looks the healthiest and go with it.
and oh I forgot to say that even thou they are the same strain they may be a little difference in them and that because of genetic’s