WW Auto, I am noticing quite a difference from one to the next as far as size and growth rate... is this normal?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have now attempted to germinate all 20 seeds of White Widow auto. The first few I germinated were a success and they grew fantastic. The only feedback with the first few was that out of 5 germinated, two grew very tall and bushy and the other three did not grow very tall at all before starting to bud. All received the exact treatment and environmental conditions. It almost seemed like they were completely different strains or genetics…could this be the case? I have since attempted to germinate the rest of them and again under the same treatment, 4 just did not sprout at all and another two started to germinate but the sprout could not shed the seed case and then rotted. The one seed that did that was quite bigger than the others… Again with these ones I am noticing quite a difference from one to the next as far as size and growth rate… Is this normal? I live in SW Florida and am growing outdoors in smart fabric pots. I germinated exactly as stated in the instructions and I have germinated many seeds before so I don’t think I did something wrong. Also, I would like your opinion on what type of seeds I should purchase next. I am mainly looking for a large yield and also something I can grow fairly easily in the Florida environment outdoors. The days are getting even shorter so I should stick with an Autoflower but something with a much larger yield would be great. What would you recommend for this? Thank you very much for everything!”

Lots of phenotypes in that strain

I am a newb to all of this
First grow , outdoor.
I agree with fever
In all of the research I have been doing I found that it seems with hybrid strains you can get some that lean Sativa and some Indica. So some may be short and squatty like an Indica or tall and skinny like a Sativa.
My uncle used to grow and he always used a low stress and topping/cropping technique for huge yields.
I have been practicing LST and Topping on my tomato plants to help me get an idea of how it all works.
Dont know if this helps but I hope it does.

Oh and Big Bud strain from ILGM…HUGE Friggin yeilds and good , stoney smoke. And check out Robs outdoor grow schedule this will also help you.