WW auto from ilgm already flowering after 4 weeks?

Yes my plant is white widow auto that I got from ilgm. I’m not real sure why my plant is so big I’m guessing it’s just the phenotype of the seed. I use a 3gal pot, Mars hydro led with CFLs for support, and my temp/humidity is around 78/65.
Looks to me that you have plenty of light and your pot isn’t too small either. You may need to add some perlite to your soil to promote root growth and help with drainage. I read somewhere that root mass determines the plant size. Also make sure your temperature and humidity is in a good range.
Here’s a pic of my plant in week 5

yo will, thanks for this info. really instructive
i was impressed about the height of the plant, I didn’t know they could be this tall and give a good yield, u can learn so much by just reading but only reading is not enough, that’s why when i saw 3rdeyetrue’s plant i was like dam i could have already harvested by now !!xD

yo 3rdeyetrue, really good job !!

i think i’m still short on lights, i’ve bought the p300 platinum led, still waiting for it. For now i have just a 163w full spectrum led and the small one is a 100w full spectrum they were available right away here in NZ, were the p300 is taking much longer to get there :frowning:
When i get it, i will use the small one for side light.
would you say that a miror is better than white paint, i got a spare mirror no one uses :smiley: u can’t see it but it’s on the left side of the tallest plant.

i agree i though i wouldn’t need to add some more perlite into my soil since it was already mixed when i bought it, but i bought a single bag of just perlite just in case. I should have listen to myself, and add some more. will just do it when i tranplant, but i added some earthworm from begining as well, i hope they did their job xD.
Room temp is 18-24°C, humidity dunno, but its not dry for sure and not too humid that i know :smiley:
waiting a few more days to transplant, soil is still wet, watered 2 days ago

i also just received the MJ booster from ILGM, do you know or if @garrigan62 knows as well, if THC booster and bud booster can be mixed with dyna-gro bloom ? or just thc + dyna bloom ?

happy growing


Platinum led is a good light, when I upgrade that’s exactly what I was thinking of buying.

No don’t use the mirror. The mirror actually absorbs more light than it reflects. The white paint is fine or some other reflective material like aluminum.

And I’m not sure about the nutrients. I bet that they are very good products, and if I had both I would probably only use the ilgm products. I’m still trying to learn about nutrients myself and until I do I only use small doses. Happy Growing!!!

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dam i would have though mirror were actually good to reflect light, i should have made a research about it lol, I removed it thanks for that :slight_smile:
I’ll just leave the white paint and put the aluminium under the pot since it protect as well the carpet in case i spill some product on it :smiley:

gonna try for next grow ILGM prod, i will still try the THC booster with dyna-gro with low doses :wink:

c u around ^^