WW auto from ilgm already flowering after 4 weeks?

Hey guys i just noticed my 5week old white widow auto is already flowering is it normal ?
also i noticed it after i fed her today with some dyna-gro grow, is it gonna affect the plant? should i be worried ?

Hey cristoner, I’m growing the white widow auto as well and using dyna grow as my nutrients. My plant also started showing signs of flower in week 5. I’m no expert but I think you are right on time. As far as the dyna grow I would suggest not using full doses. I started using full doses and noticed tip burn on my leaves. Now I only use about a tablespoon per gal of water and my plant is growing wonderfully. Also keep an eye on your pH and you should be good. Again I’m no expert.

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yo 3rdeyetrue
how tall are yours ? mine is not that tall maybe due to not enough light. i have a pH meter for soil and water, so far so good in between 6 and 6.5, i saw on some forum that some r using more than 1 tsp per gal, but they do it progressively. will do a flush next watering before i give some dyna-gro bloom, wating on the dyna-gro mag pro and protek, do you use them as well ?
same i’m no expert this is only my first auto, and she looks small xD

My plant is in week 10 and she about 50" tall. She doubled her size when she started flowering. I actually just ordered the pro tek and mag pro, I’ve heard they where good products. I wish I would have got them first but oh well. This is my first grow also.

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I’ve only been using the foliage, grow, and the bloom.

What size pot are you using?

dam 50’’ thats pretty good mine is just about 15-20cm, will measure it tomorrow morning, since she’s in the same room as some photo strain, don’t wanna disturbed the plants :smiley:
i haven’ tried the foliage feed yet, so u don’t put the nute in ur soil ?
pot is small i’m gonna change it before i flush, but i can’t use pot that are too big due to not enough space in my closet :frowning:

i could probably fit 2x 3gal pot in the closet but right now i have 4 plant, will do on my next batch less plant but bigger pot, the other problem i have in the closet is that there is also a bar in the middle of the closet so i can’t fit 3x 3 gal pot i can do 2x3 gal pot + 2 smaller pot but i need my new lamp for this, still waiting for it, should arrive by next week or the week after

I used the foliage just like the grow and bloom nutrients, added to my water when I feed the plant. It’s supposed to promote root growth during veg.
I also have that same problem with limited space. When I started this grow I had two plants in 3 gal pots but the white widow got so big so fast that I had to get rid of other plant. I really was hoping for a smaller plant so that I could have 2 strains going at the same time. I can’t complain though because now my plant will have a larger yield. Next grow I think I will purchase a grow tent so I can grow more.

That’s a nice grow…

This is an ilgm White Widow several weeks into flower, very nice and easy to grow too !
-good luck

Edit: …didn’t catch that this thread was about white widow auto’s! The White Widow in the picture is a regular, sorry

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that’s an auto ?? can’t wait to get my new lamp if it is, i definitely have a light deficiencies LOL or i’m missing something
i guess the pot size does matter a lot too or i didn’t use enough nutes

awesome !! i need to grow like this :wink:

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no worries, i figured that much yours wasn’t an auto, unless auto can be this big too ? i know its useless to LST an auto but his (3rdeyetrue) said that he was growing an auto ^^
i’ll probably try for next grow 1 photo strain purple haze, first one is a mess :disappointed: and depending on space will do some auto for quick smoke.been smoking for 11 year and this year is first year i have been smoke free for 3 month :dizzy_face:

The one on left is the purple haze, no LST, MG soil…ran into some light issues 5th weeks of flowering, and the one on the bottom right corner is also a purple haze both photo, germinated at same time, was topped by my rabbit lol (not kidding serisouly xD) probably 4th or 5th week also of flowering but really slow to grow :sleeping: and the 2 auto WW on the right top corner

next grow for sure i’ll be using 18/6 light schedule

Yeah I came in in the middle of the thread but I just finished two Auto’s up and I got 2.5+ ounces from each one, so they can produce really well !

These were my first Autos ever, there a lot of fun to grow! -good luck


wtf she looks so nice!!! what is ur pot size and what soil did u use ? and lights ? LST ? how long did it take ?:smiley: so many question sorry if i ask so many at once

I have a bunch about it and some other plants in my grow-journal at this link…

Brand new shiny grow... from go

I have several different strains coming out over the next few weeks as well that I’m going to post pictures of, but they’re not autos

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thx a lot ^^got a lot to read and learn :slight_smile:

I hope this helps @cristoner

Auto-Flowering vs. Traditional Cannabis Strains

Fastbud #2 auto cannabis strain - Plant #2

Unlike traditional (referred to as photoperiod) strains, autos don’t need any special kind of light schedule to “tell” the plant to start budding. With a photoperiod strain, a cannabis plant needs 12+ hours of darkness a day to initiate flowering.

When growing photoperiod cannabis plants outside, flowering naturally begins when the days get shorter. For outdoor growers, this means that plants must be planted in the spring, and they grower must choose strains that will finish in time before winter.

Indoor growers cultivating photoperiod strains can initiate flowering at will by giving plants longer dark periods (usually by putting their grow lights on a timer). For indoor growers, this means the grower needs to make a light-proof grow space to allow for 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness each day while the plants are flowering.

For an auto-flowering cannabis plant, a grower doesn’t have to worry about light schedules. Each auto-flowering plant starts blooming after a few weeks no matter what light schedule is provided. For outdoor auto growers, there’s no need to match up the strain with your local time zone or plant at the perfect time - simply plant autos when you know you have at least 2-3 months of warm, sunny weather.

For all growers in a hurry to harvest, an auto-flowering plant will almost certainly be ready to harvest more quickly than any other type of cannabis strain.