WW Auto flowering length

3x3 tent / 75F / 20 hrs on using 450w led.
My WW auto has been in flowering for roughly 3 weeks. The buds are creamy colored, no rusty colors.
Should I wait for more color. The buds are nice, especially the kola and starting to fill out like that on branches below. I need some helpful advice.
I’m trying to determine if I should let it continue or harvest in the next week or so. Do they flower longer than 3 weeks ?

Yeah @chachi. More like 12 weeks total from seedlings. I’m growing 4 WW autos now and am on my 9th week from sprout on 4/20. They are nowhere near ready yet. Probably mid July.


I just finished a white widow auto grow that went close to 6 months, seed to harvest. Flowering time alone was over 120 days and still could have gone longer


Drop your lights to 18/6 max I do mine 24 for a week then 12/2 works great for me if you have any questions please fill free


I started this one April 10th. That’s 10 weeks. So I’m probably pretty close.
I appreciate the info.

I was thinking of that. I have 2 young plants started along side this one. I doubt the change would cause issues. I’m getting low and look forward to consuming my own rather than $$$$, … lol.

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Mine is only a single adult plant. Don’t know if that makes a difference.