WW auto feeding

Has anyone used the flower power fertilizer on ILGM… I just got the starter pack… And they mean starter, i think they were meant for hobbit use :grin:

I found a general feeding schedule on their site but wanted to ask community thoughts?

The mfg schedule is a 13 week, so can this be applied to autos?

Nope. Well I’m pretty sure hobbits smoke mad weed I mean they forget to put on shoes!

So yea is there a real strain called “old toby” was it?

Gandalf likes it…and who are we to disagree with the white wizard anyway?

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Is that the super brain strain or something?


I would n’t see why not. Just start off at 1/4 strength.

So what about WW auto average flowering says 56 days… But the feeding schedule from flowerpowerdotcom is a 9 week program, how do you condense that?

Guessing… Subtract every other week?

I would feed according to the schedule. Watch your trichs for the coloration you want.when you see that you will want to harvest in a couple more weeks, start your flush.

Yes you can. Use it as you would for any other regular or fem. The thing wiht “autos”…They do not finish in under 100 days for me. I think I am averaging 110 days from sprout to finish, using an 18/6 photo period. If you want an “Auto” to finish sooner, shorten the photo period. 16/8, or 14/10 (excellent), or 12/12.

Good Luck.


@latewood i prefer quality over quantity… Knowing that what schedule would you suggest?