WW Auto DWC problem

Hi All

Ive not grown for ages and seem to have lost my touch a bit. Really need some advice

WW Auto in DWC. PH 6.3 in the bucket but its only for a bit of splashing as there is no root yet. 8 days from popping. Temps you can see in the picture. I am spraying twice a day and if the rw cube is dry I add about 3ml of the water from the bucket. I check the PH every day just in case its swung but its pretty stable.

Any advice?

The bucket top looks dirty but its just splashed water thats dried on the cheap plastic.


Ph at 5.8

All else sounds great

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Ive reduced the PH but its the lack of green and droopiness that Im concerned about. I know it will be sending out its roots and so not growing :slight_smile:

Can wet the hydroton from above a bit.

3ml of water isn’t much at all. Get hydroton wet around edges of net pot.

Are the air bubbles splashing water on the hydroton to make it wet at bottom of net pot ?

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Yes, I also added a light dose of nutes. It was starting to look yellow. Its been 10 days so its probably hungry. But I did check the rockwool and it is damp so its definitely wicking from the bubbles.


This morning I have 2 roots out of the bottom of the pot in the water which have appeared overnight so it looks like it just perhaps needed some food :slight_smile:


Got to go now !!!

I think that’s the toughest part of the grow. From seed to a single root in the water.

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile: