WW Auto Day 22 Update

Been trying to do more LST let me know if you guys see anything wrong or if my plants are looking healthy I’m worries they are to small not sure when the WW is gonna go to flower I’m hoping around 40 days


Looking good for 22

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Think they just really like the constant 74-80 degree temps and 60-65 humidity.

Really been putting these girls through the ringer and they just keep asking for more.

Not planning on doing much to them till i top dress em on the 18th. Using a 50/50 mix of 4-4-4 and 4-8-4 from down to earth organics

Water pH has been constantly between 6.0 - 6.5.

Soil run off pH has been at like 6.2ish.
PPm run off around 3500 at last feeding. Was 4700 at transplant.

Don’t know what I’m doing but they seem to be healthy.
I want to use some neem oil mixed with Dr. Bronners as a emulsifier to just have some kind of organic preventative.

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I would not add anyy chemicals that ate not needed to the plant. No problems i would not even add the chemicLs to the plant unless needed. Seems legit so far u r doimg a great job from looks.

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LST look great, I agree with not adding any nutrients unless they are showing signs o feeding it. Do you have a ppm meter? What type of soil? If it’s good soil, you shouldn’t need to add much or anything until they start to flower or your pumps drop below 800ish

The soil is a mix of FF CocoLoco 70% and FF OF 20% with about 10% worm casting and 10% more perlite.

They are being fed with Down To Earth Dry amendments wich only last about 2-3 weeks.

So I must re-amend the soil for the next two weeks. The 18th will be 2 weeks from transplant so I know I got about a week from the 18th before everything I added initially will be depleted from the soil.

Wich is why if I add more dry amendments the girls will be constantly being fed though out flowering.

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Do you use a TDS or PPM meter?

I have a PPm meter not a TDS though gonna get one before my next grow.

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