WW Auto Day 18 update

The girls got watered today I was able to push the 6 five gallon smart pots to 4 days with out water. While the 3 gallons only lasted 3.

Last watering was just pH tap water at 6.0 with 20% runoff.

This watering I did 1/4 strength of FF Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You Applied Weekly till flower. 1/4 strength of Botanicare Cal-Mag. And 1/4 strength of Great White Mycorrhizae.

Still Using Dry Amendments wich I’ll be top dressing on the 18th. 2 week mark from transplant. Will be using a mix of Down To Earth Organics 70% 4-8-4 and 30% 4-4-4.

I watered right before the 6 hour night cycle and it has been about 12 hours since watering and I can already clearly see some explosive growth on the lower nodes. Gonna keep using this Kelp Stuff plants seem to really like it.