WW Auto day 17 update

So all the girls have been topped since yesterday.

They seem to be bouncing back pretty fast from transplant.

Take a look and let me know how they look first time grower.


Looking good. What is your tent size? These are auto’s?
Is that an FC E3000 light?
It could be crowded when they flower.

They look healthy and happy!
Grown quit a few WWX and have 2 going now and they are usually easier to care for through harvest.
I would suggest putting some mulch on top and toss in some clover seeds. If you have time mist the top of the soil daily if your growing organically it keeps the little critters happy and they are the engine that helps grow the plant.

My current run in 1 gallon pots organic living soil with cover crop and mulch. I Don’t ph or tds measure anything unless I run into issues and then I may need to flush. Just top dress with dry organic amendments like neem, kelp, alfalfa oyster shell powder and brew teas to help populate the critters in the soil that eat the amendments and poop out plant available food. Oh yea and worm poo is always added from my bin.
The system will self correct as needed just like Mother Nature intended as long as you know what your putting in/on the soil and the plants.
Most waterings I do add 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of epsom salt, 1/8 teaspoon of gypsum powder and a heaping 1/4 teaspoon of SEA-90 per gallon and shake it up and let it sit for 20-30 minutes and shake it up and use. It won’t go bad if you mix more than you need so no worries just be aware there are things added to water that need to be used in short order or they can go bad but not this mix.

Just some thoughts
Enjoy the day and keep feeding your endo-cannabinoid system

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Great point

@Nosferatu They will blow that tent up so you’ll want to think about flipping lights in the not to distant future after they’ve settled into their new homes or be prepared to remove some of the branches that will end up competing with others etc.
tying them down and bending the branches can also help with managing the space available to fill it without running into each other as you’ll want good airflow especially in flower so there’s less chance of mildew and mold and such.

Gonna be tight but I’ll take that any day over open spaces.

I believe they are autos so he has no control over when they flower.
From what I have seen from other members is that autos don’t get as big.
Also he topped them so I want to see how that works out with autos. I have heard that it can stunt an autos development.
Keep us updated Nosferatu

The tent is 3x5 with a FC E 3000 from mars hydro

The tent is 3x5 with a FC E 3000 from mars hydro
And I Originally wanted to do 4-6 but all 10 seeds I planted sprouted so i gave 2 away and decided to grow all 8.

I have 6 x 5 gallon smart pot brand and 2 x 3 gallon smart pot brand wich fit perfectly in the middle of the 6 gallons.

I did top them and they didn’t really seem to flinch much about it either. I did do the topping about 15 days in and it was also about a day after transplanting so the plant could just go through some shock all at once and recover faster from both the transplant and topping.

Minor note I have removed some of the bottom leaves that were “ugly” a few of the first true leaves got clipped from some plants because they were ugly and really low to the top soil.

I know space is gonna be tight but I’m looking to do a more sea of green.

Autos (you are growing auto flowering?) don’t get as big as photos so your going to be crowded but not unmanageable.
Some of the people growing autos have found that topping stunted the growth and their plants weren’t very big by the end of grow, so top with that in mind. I would just try to keep the canopy height the same.
I had 5 White widow max seeds (a freebee from a seed purchase) not one germinated. I’ve wanted a White widow grow for a while.
Your plants are looking good keep at it.

Think I topped what like 2 days ago I think and this is the some of the growth back back at the top sight.

So I am looking forward to seeing how well they take it and spring back.

This is all a science experiment for me as it’s my first time.